Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Messy first entry..

Oh well..I have nothing better to do right now other than surfing the web and basically punggah fesbuk orang and other people's blogs..Suddenly I have an inspiration..Maybe I can start my own blog (walao pon sgt memahami diri sendiri yg hangat2 tahik ayam and tak mungkin akan update selalu tp nak cuba jugak tak kira) and people can read my blog..Sounds cool eh?? So here I am,writing nonsense and rubbish and my blog is REALLY basic because I'm an IT-fool..I don't even know hot to change my password for my emails yet sgt gatal tangan nak buat blog..

You know what??This is baad..This is my 1st entry and yet I'm babbling nonsense and boring people..Maybe next time I have something cool and exciting to write about..Hmm..

Mode of the day: Staring helplessly at my super duper messy lab bench and have no absolute intention to do something bout it..

 bunch of chicks yang terselamat dari tangan2 jahat reseacher (which includes me)