Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Please Support SHINee Kim Jong Hyun..Be A True SHAWOL..

I woke up today with a breaking new..Kim Jong Hyun is currently dating actress Shin Se Kyung..OMO!!! I AM jealous of course..Nearly in a state of crying..Noona is saaad..T_T...hehehe..But not going as far as bashing Jong Hyun or Se Kyung..Reading news about some fans bashing the couple, making her closing her cyworld, rumors some of Jong Hyun's fanpage were closed, anti-fans sites are rising up,saddened me..A true fan should feel happy for them..A true fan should support them..A true fan should always be at their back..Be mature..They are human and human tends to fall in love..What kind of reality that you guys want? Thay one day Kim Jong Hyun will be down on his knees asking you guys to marry him???? Yeah right..If will be possible if we have like 1 millions Kim Jong Hyun's clones to be produce (sarcasm~) to meet the need of the fans..Please,support them..They are human..Like us..I always support them (but with bleeding heart inside..hihihihihi)..Because I'm a JongKey fan...hahahaha..Be a true SHAWOL~

The new JongKyung couple..T_T..congrats dearie..
Cr: SMTown Jjang
Today breaking new..I almost choke on my brunch..
Cr: SMTown Jjang
aaah..the JongKey couple that I love..This love will remain forever..