Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Times???

How do you guys spend your free time when you’re not going out?? Playing games?? Sleeping?? Watching TV??
Well, whenever I'm free...
1. Armed with a cup of Nescafe Gold, I re-read my books/comics/magazines *especially when I don’t have new books to read*

25% of my entire book precioussss *Gollum's way*

2. Watched repeatedly my favorite TV show *not aired in Malaysia due to several reasons*, The Big Bang Theory while slurping Maggie

Tomyum maggi..yuyum..

3. Listen to my favorite songs in my mp3 player *you should see it, I’m a hardcore user that it’s not in a good condition.. ;p*

4. Updating my Facebook and blog *only if I have something to write*

I rarely take a nap *dunno why* and I don’t watch TV *because I don’t own one..I’m staying in hostel mehhh*

Forgive me for my nonsense post..I really do have nothing to write about.. *facepalm*
Have a good night…

To Nazmi…

The rarely smile brother
Imma proud sister *idong kembang*
Congratulation on your graduation day..Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate it… May you have bright future ahead…Do it for our parents…They have sacrifice a lot for us…Make them smile and proud.. I’m proud of you my little brother…

Sincerely yours
Your sister