Monday, April 25, 2011

Overly High Maintenance Women~

No no no.I’m not talking about us, women being financially high-maintenance. It’s about emotionally high-maintenance.  I always wonder why I always failed in a relationship. After a few months, guys will gradually start to lose interest in me. Leaving me wondering why…
Then, in those moping (Yeah silly me!) sessions, I often blame myself for not being beautiful enough (I’m an average gal with little nose bridge and toothy gap), not smart enough etc until it broke me. I’ve become a girl with self-esteem of -80 degree Celsius (Brrr..Brrr).
Then one day, I’ve been re-reading my November 2010-issue CLEO and I stumbled upon this article. “The BIGGEST Relationship Mistakes Women Make”.  One mistake HIT me like a big rock falling out of the sky (Ouch!). “Women being overly high-maintenance”. Men usually can accept us being financially high-maintenance, ESPECIALLY if we buy them ourselves. It’s being emotionally high-maintenance that makes men running away, far far away from us...
Emotionally high-maintenance women need a lot of attention, pick on the smallest missteps, are highly sensitive, being too needy, and worst of all, expecting men to have sudden ability of reading our minds.  Sure, no woman wants to be like that but when we become so comfortable with him that we started to let our insecurities conquering us. That’s when things started to get ugly.
It got me thinking. Yes I have to admit, I’m overly emotionally high-maintenance. I always expect my partner to READ my mind.Muahahaha.If like that, I should have just date Professor X from X-Men instead.Hahahaha. I NEED to change. I WILL and I WANT to change. Are you gals like me? Please does change before our men start avoiding our calls and SMSes. Before we start blaming others and before we start our self-criticism which will eventually cost our self-esteem lead to our self-destruction. I’ve been there. Now I’m proud owner of myself, proud of my achievements and GRATEFUL with everything HE has granted me with.  
I'm not pretty and I'm grateful for it~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paddington House of Pancakes and Me~

When I first spotted Paddington House of Pancakes was when I was out with my mom (leaving my little brothers behind with my dad *evil laugh*) looking for accessories to match her new blouse. Both avid pancake lovers, we tried and love them instantly. Crispy on the outside, smooth with melt-in-the-mouth-feeling on the inside.  Then when I’m back to UPM, she dragged my dad and my little brothers to this place. They also (ahem! except for my second brother) loving this place. Dad keeps chanting Paddington, Paddington.  And he even goes as far as by saying he dreamt of Paddington. Yeah right Dad! You’re just making thousand excuses to go there…Hahaha…Well with me going back there with The Architect, makes me missing my wacky family even more! T_T

My latte..*love love*
Here is where I got my very own decorative latte (err..actually I dunno the proper term for this and I'm too lazy to ask Uncle Google so I simply made it up..*putting an innocent face*)…I always see and watched them but never really had one. So here is my first official decorative latte. And the The Architect had to ruin my glorious moment by saying it’s hideous. Cis! Hahahaha…Whatever… I still wanna gloated over my first latte… J

Chips + bacon bits with 3 types of cheese-based dips..yummy!
American stacks with maple usual order..but not that day..

I seriously forgot it's name..*lengai*

I wanna try new stuff that day, so I've decided to take this..This mini-pancakes with ice-creams, little cute marsmallows, strawberries and bananas served with chocolate fondue. Kinda fun eating them but word of warning though, if you have small and 'mengada' stomach like me, please SHARE them..Hahaha..
Then we watched RIO.......

What do I think about this movie?? Well, it's entertaining..I had a few big laughs and..........that was it...the plot is kinda forgettable..Yeah, the moment you step out from the cinema, you'll forget about it. This movie doesn't really gives big out-of-cinema impact..But it was really worth watching it..It's not like you keep looking at your watch waiting for this movie to finish.. :)

Oh how I wish I can buy new books...... :(
Ok that's it..
That's the story of Anne-Jalil
Tu haaa tekan pangkah..
Sapa soh baca...

Thursday, April 14, 2011


Peeps!! Remember my gila-nak-makan-macaroon entry?? Tak hengat?? Cis!! Hahaha.. Klik syinie yer..So that day, my friends asked to me to go to tadaaaa...Levain Boulangerie Patisserie...bagaikan orang mengantok di sorongkan bantal..terus melompat kesukaan.. :)

These colorful bite-sized pastry are SIMPLY delightful! They tasted just like I had imagined them to be..Sweet, crispy on top, soft and chewy in the middle and delightful yummylicious fillings..Well, my friends aren't really fond of them because they're too sweet..Well, I simply LOVE them..oooh~


The sweet selections..

Ours....nami nami!

Half-gone macaroons..most of them were in my tummy!

Pwetty aight??
The price is RM3.90/macaroon..But if we buy 10 or more, the price is down to RM3/piece..A bargain for 1st timer like me..My favourite?? Would be the macchiato and the arancia (orange flavoured)..The durian-flavored is a no no to me *i'm not a durian lover* :(
Will I be coming back again for more?? OF COURSE! But I would really like to try them at other places so that I can compare..

I'm NOT the delightful sweet little stuff..hahaha..just want shiok sendiri :)
Pictures credit: Seridik and Nomey
Ok dah dumok..jom balik sit-ups~

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Diary and Me

While I was cleaning out my "rubbish' box (because it was filled with junks!), I stumbled upon my 2008 diary and sat down and read it (sigh, there goes my semangat spring cleaning)..And hoooo-boy! The way my 2008-self wrote, I can see that I was soo immature and childish..I laughed at my own foolishness.. I was like a spoiled school girl who didn't get what she wants..Believe me, if this 2008-me IS my little sister, I already tampar her laju-laju..hahaha..

Way too much different from the mature-woman image that I always dream to be..Until now..But there is one thing I've realized, I'm learning and becoming less immature from time to time..I'm not saying I'm mature now, but I'm a lot calmer now..More towards positive and rational thinking..

But reading my 2008 diary, there are a few things that remained unchanged.. My never-ending love conflict, I'm still lazy as hell (with a few oh-I-need-to-change mood coming and going..hahaha) and I still keep putting things off even though they're important..As I said before and I'm going to say this millionth times in the future, I will try my hardest to change. I've realized now, because of my bad habits, they're costing me my dreams. Well, mistakes are NEVER mistakes..They were called experiences. And oh! I still loves reading like hell..Hehehe..I love my current diary now, as I can see the transition from negative me to more positive me. Who knows, one day I will become the woman I dream of.. :)

My 2011-self..muahahaha..
My current diary..Point to be noted..This is not typical bangun-gosok gigi-mandi type of entry..hahaha.. top secret in my first entry.. :)

Thursday, April 7, 2011

When Men Bake and Cook

It's a notion that tickles me..Men nowadays are far more talented in cooking rather than us women..For example, have you noticed that well-famed chefs are majority dominated by the XY God's creature?? Ok, just focused on my small examples instead..

My dad and my lil' bro..When they to put it..depa katok, campak masuk periuk, katok, campak masuk periuk..kacau-kacau..campak (campak BUKAN measure) garam etc..tutup api..siap..hiasan??serious dah macam sampah tengok...rasa????MARVELOUS gilaa...nak lagi!!!

When me and my mom cook..hiris bawang cantik-cantik..bagi minyak panas..tumis bawang..bagi wangi..masak masuk garam pun, hati-hati..sikit demi sikit..lepas tu beratus kali panggil ibu rasa..tak cukup..tambah lagi sikit..panggil mangsa lain plak rasa..tak cukup..tambah lagi sikit garam (by that time, ikan pun dah hancur)..hiasan makanan gilang-gemilang..rasa???boleh laaa...or..ok laaa..or..(muka jadik hijau)..

You girls have been in my place?? Ever wonder how THE men cook campak-campak yet produce a marvelous dish?? And we girls masak ikut protokol and yet can't over stage them?? Hahaha..

Well, another male cousin gave me his homemade cheesecake (that looks inedible..*angkat kening*)..but..a spoonful of it just literally made me swoon..Ridiculously yummy despite its looks..

Owh..I really had to show off that beautiful planner of mine..hahaha

A spoonful that made me swoon

By less than 15 mins, this is all that left..hahaha..

I'm so happy eating that I had to 'gedik-ally' posted on my facebook page..

Me baking?? Muahahaha..
Chef Wan has to be send to psychiatric ward after supervising my baking techniques..
*wink wink* 

Friday, April 1, 2011

Apabila Otak Berfikir Secara Last Minit (Liam Neeson: Si Tua Yang Masih Hot)

Again,another entry I’ve keep putting off because…here’s the reason…”gambar semua dengan Mah, tak sempat nak transfer sebab busy kot??”..padahal bilik beliau di bawah bilik I je..Gila pemalas kan??Hahaha..Okay okay.. enough rubbish talk..
This was supposed to be a casual dinner (dinner??siang terang benderang lagi kot..)..okay-okay..early dinner with heart-2-heart session (or issit kutuk-mengutuk session??)..Dinner @Nim’s Island..Tak perlu intro kot bout this cafĂ© sebab dah famous gila vavi..Sambil makan sambil mengipas lalat..serious turn-off gila..sebelah tangan potong makanan sebelah lagi halau time bawak kelambu please!

Mode perasan-owner-dslr-padahal-camera-phone-ja..hahaha..
Lamb chop yang yummy nammy..slurrps!

Soda ceria yang menceriakan hari anda
Si pemakan yang happy

Si pemakan yang chubby..
So masa on the way balik, terkeluar la words bowling (actually Mah cerita pasal dia sucks main bowling hari tu..) and jeng jeng jeng..otak 5 minit pun berkata…”Jom main bowling??” (sambil angkat kening)

To cut the story short, kitorang gi Alamanda and gila vavi mahal price bowling per game..RM9/game + shoes..Rasa macam mau tertanggal gigi I yang makin kurang ni..Tapi sebab gedik gegeh nak main jugak, bayar je..(sumpah next time tak datang dah..dah la tak best..)..

Mari berposing sebelum membaling~

Dah abes tu, baru kol 8.30 malam, tempat bowling plak sebelah je dengan wayang..maka..hahaha..boleh agak dah kot..tengok plak wayang..we chosed Unknown (sebab I dari hari tu gedik gegeh nak tengok cerita ni despite reviewers kasik 2 bintang ja)..Well, to us, this story is good..Well, I’m not saying the plot is so no..but it has the element that I love..TWISTED PLOT..I always dig twisted plot..

Oh Liam~ >_<
Morals of The Story:

1.       I sucks at bowling
2.       Liam Neeson, si tua yang sangat hot..hihihihi…

I nak wat kerja yang selalu tertangguh..