Tuesday, June 7, 2011

After School Boys???

Pledis Entertainment announced that they're holding auditions for a new group that will be called 'After School Boys'...I have to admit, I'm flabbergasted and excited at the same time...First, why would Pledis want to name the group after a popular group (it will be like a sister/brother groups)? Could it be because Pledis was hoping that After School Boys will continue After School's successes?? (Well, After School is known for their fierce dance choreographies, unique concepts and pretty faces and etc which I can't list down right now because my mind is totally blank)...Second, will After School Boys will be as good as After School?? (I'm really really hoping they are, if not, there is no sense naming them after After School)...
Well, Kahi already named 2 of the boys.. Dongho and Jonghyun..Dongho had previously starred in After School's MV-Play Ur Love (oooo,it such a sweeeet song, I like!)...

The poster: They were looking for the last member of the group
Dongho (left), Jonghyun (right)
This will be the first male group to be debuted under Pledis Entertainment..There will be possibilities of Pledis changing the name of the group..Whatever their name are, if they're good, I will supported them..Hwaiting!!!
Credit to: allkpop