Thursday, June 2, 2011

After School Official Color~

Yeah yeah..I bet most of Playgirlz/Boyz are aware of this..I'm a noob..Forgive me..Last I checked, the official color is Periwinkle..Due to some complains, they change it to Yellow...So more reasons for me to add more yellowness in my wardrobe, accessories and my kitschy stuffs..woot woot..

Haaa..How I wish I'm a Korean Playgirlz.. T_T
The seating for the fans during Dream Concert 2011
Darn!! i really wanna go and support them!! Huhu..
Aigoo...I really envied those who went to the concert...

Hoping for a bigger international fanbase for After School because they DO deserve it..Support them please..Hwaiting!!
Credit to afterschooldaze