Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Infinity Reason Why I Love Super Junior Too Much...

1. Off stage, they are super cute men with super cute personalities and yet they’re very manly. They have indirectly altered my perceptions toward men. I used to think guys like them are gay. Thanks to my culture. (No harm here my culture, *wink wink*)
2.On stage, they immediately transform into super cool men. I can suffer cardiac arrest anytime watching them perform. :D

3.Their songs are super catchy

4.Their dance moves are super (urm, lost for words here) indescribable.

5.They’re waay much more cooler than superman
or any superheroes

6.Last time I went gaga over boy band, was about 12 years ago (remember??Backstreet Boys’ mania??). And I thought I’m too grown up to go gaga over pretty boys again. Well, apparently I’m wrong. I’m ‘a teenager’ again. And loving this feeling again.

7.They made (not literally) you watch and liste
n to them hundred times without feeling bored. Yet, they even made you fall much more in love with them each time you listen and watch them

8.Their loves toward each other are priceless. They made you able to distinguish between gay love and brotherly love. You will fall in love with them all over again and more deeply.

9.They electro magnify you. Seriously. A fan once
wrote on Youtube that she can’t believe that she has 9 lives. She died (not literally) everytime she watched their vids. I seriously BELIEVE her. Haha.

10.I love EVERY 13 members in Super Junior. Even the eccentric HeeChul or fatty Shindong. They splash more colors to the already-colorf
ul Super Junior

11.I used to be bored with the internet. Not anymore. I’ve spent my every nanoseconds free time I have browsing for their latest new
s and pictures.

12.They made me forget my misery. Because I’m too busy focusing on them. Ha-ha.
13.They really appreciated their fans. (Too bad I’m not an ELF or Korean T_T).

14. Oh? That's it?? Oh sods it..Well, I'm pretty SURE that there are sooo many other reasons why I love Suju them, but my mind is in BLANK mode right now.

My own handmade compilation pics of my fav pretty guys.