Saturday, October 22, 2011

TheFaceShop Nail Art

Looking at my today's post, it's not an art equal to those by Picasso but we're proud of it..hehehe..Owh well to be honest, it's not a work of mine..Any high class work of art attempted by me would the famous 'orang lidi' or the 'i-supposed-to-draw-a-chicken-but-ended-look-like-a mutilated-cow-instead'...yerp! That's me..defective in creative gene..These were done by my colleague instead..She's good with art..
We utilized everything from TheFaceShop nail collection including their nail dot pen *too bad they only come in 3 color*

Before the tampering with the dot pen

Half-hidden artist and her bimbo specimen *which is me*

The Finished Masterpiece *pergh!*

Pokodot *polka dots untuk orang tak cukup gigi*


Watermelon yumyum..

Strawberry *ala-ala omputih celop*
The 'ask-for-multiple-slaps' Session
When we're proud mommies  of our 'babies' *oh well, these are my nails..I want to be proud toooooo*, nobody....nobody can stop us from doing massive photographing-slash-camwhoring session..hoyeah!

Mommy and baby ladybirds..
Inspiration: Lijin