Monday, October 24, 2011

Perfect Male 2

Regarding my ‘Perfect Male’ post, some of my friends went like “laaaaa..ingatkan nak cakap pasal lelaki idaman dia..Rupa2nya just nak cakap yang Lee Min Ho tu kacak”…tersentap mak ayam makcik!! Well, it’s MY blog, so it’s MY right to post anything I want wether my post’s title is related or not with my writing..I can put “Title: Moamar Ghadafi is dead” and write about Lee Min Ho sangat kacak insted..Or “Title:My Favourite Food” and talk about my broken nails instead...

But this does intrigued me to really write about my realistic (nothing to do with daydreaming Lee Min Ho as my hubby) perfect male...

1.  Know his religion very well…When he’s religious, other traits like responsible, caring, loving etc will come along with him…
2.  Loyal
3.  Funny
4.  Talkative (I’m very quiet…surprise surprise)

5.  Lee Min Ho look-a-like Nice to look at [yes..I’m rupalistic (Dalina et al, 2011)]..well regarding this, different people has different opinions, point of views and taste… Some will find Lee Min Ho is not utterly gorgeous like I do…
6.  Educated (I’m very ambitious in nurturing my yet-to-come children..hahahaha
7.  Passionate towards reading (I’m a bookworm..yes
8.  Open-minded (I do like a guy who can lead me to the correct path yet at the same time allow me to do something I like but with limits)

9.  Able to control his anger (a guy who hit me and swear at me, can go to hell J)
10. My shining knight in armour (ok well, this basically translate that he can protect me, not that he has to wear shining heavy metal armour everytime we go out for a date*malu seyh!*)
11. With stable income
12. Zero intimidating body odour
13. Romantic without overdoing it...

When it comes to a relationship:

1. I don’t believe love at first sight (It’s too dangerous laa..we might fall in love with a serial rapist)
2. I believe in becoming friend with the guy first before proceeding to the next level
3. I do tolerate smoker providing he’s tactful with me (well if he purposely blow the smoke at my direction, I will definitely take all his ciggies, stuff in his mouth and lit them all!)
4. I’m not friendly towards male strangers especially the whistlers.
5. My perfect date would be 24 hours snuggling and cuddling…yes,I’m a serious snuggler
6. My perfect place to be is under his *ehem* arms a.k.a ketiak..I feel safe..(Kalau ketiak hapak, bukan setakat rasa tak selamat, rasa macam nak bunuh diri pun ada..)
7. I still think Lee Min Ho is ridiculously hot *facepalm*

We love to cuddle celah ketiak! *cuddle cuddle*

Ok..enough rambling! 

To Nabil,

Masa demam...shiaaan..
To my dear little bro Nabil, happy birthday...May Allah bless you my brother...I love you..
With love,
Your sister