Saturday, August 13, 2011

My career as a BC~

Today I finally get to promote TheFaceShop The SMIM 101.0 range..For a noob BC like me, it was like a a dream come true..Hahahaha..At first, I was skeptic as most of my customers have combination to oily skin...I'm afraid that The SMIM range is too rich for them..But then again, I learnt the correct application technique, improve my product knowledge and in a mere 1 hour, I successfully convince 2 customers (one with normal skin, one with combination skin) to buy The SMIM range..Because these are indeed a very good products...Yeay!!!!!! Now I'm going to work hard to promote Marine Stem Cell Range and Myeonhan Miindo Jin Range..Hwaiting!! I have no problem promoting Arsainte Eco-Therapy Range and Raspberry Roots Range as I'm using them right now..I have to admit, TheFaceShop skincare range is really really good as my skin condition now is improving (no, I still have oily skin but the condition is better) and a lil' bit pricey (but hey! you get what you pay).. 
What is The SMIM???
I'll let you know tomorrow as I'm going to simplify the information, making it easier for everybody to understand..I'm not going to directly copy and paste from the web..I might as well resign as a beauty consultant a.k.a BC if I'm going to educate everybody the 'easy' way...
If any bloggers, users of TheFaceShop products have any enquiries regarding our products, please don't hesitate to ask me..I will try my best to help..No kidding.. 
I'm not doing it to increase my sales etc..I gained no 'cash' by writing about these..What I gain is merely a satisfaction of helping people to overcome their skin problems and increasing my general knowledge.. :)

Let's play hidden Mickey..Do you see the hidden mickey After School??Hahahaha