Monday, January 24, 2011

The Case of Lubang Hidung~

I was blogwalking when I stumbled upon this nice blog talking about the evolution of nose shape. I've decided to cover about this too..but with my own witty way..not-so-serious entry..
ehem ehem..
let's get serious..
Well people with wide,flat nose live in humid weather. This due to humidity and it's actually hard to breathe in humid weather, making our lung lack of oxygen and have to inhale like big volume of air..
Anne's witty comment: oooo..kira makin panas cuaca makin besar la yek lubang hidung??sep bek kat Malaysia ni panas-panas sedang saiz hidung pun sedang-sedang je la.. big..
Well, meanwhile in desert places like Saudi Arabia, the people's noses evolved into hawk-shaped nose. This probably because to protect them from inhaling desert's sand blowing on their face..
Anne's witty comments: Jangan la kira those lucky bast people yang progenies dari kawen campur-campur dengan mat salleh/arab tu..jealous kot dengan hidung dorang..

The lucky Caucasians, whom have long narrow noses are adaptation to colder climates because a nose such as this can warm and moisten the air more before it enters the lungs.
Anne's witty comment: Serious kena pegi duduk Hollywood dalam 10 tahun ka..untung-untung balik Malaysia hidung mancung..tak payah susah buat plastic surgery..mahal kot..
Eleh..hidung tipu ni..
Here's another interesting info (I won't say fact though)..I was watching this Korean variety show (can't remember the which show),this Feng Shui master told the emcees that,the more bigger and obvious the nostrils are, the lesser money they can save. Obvious is the key here. If you can see someone's nostril just in plain view without you having to bow down and literally search for his/her nostrils, then this means that person,can't save his/her money. They have the tendency to spend instead of saving..Aaahh..I always wonder where all my money I know..hahaha..

Guess who has the most money/saving??
Obvious lubang hidung..means poket kempis.hahaha..

p/s: As I said this before, thank God la kita dok kat Malaysia yang cuaca sedang-sedang ni,kalau tak,makin besar la my lubang hidung and makin cepat la duit i habis..macam nak saving ni??(alasan yang stupid Anne Jalil..tsk tsk :D)
p/s 2: I HEART these girls..they're my you guys too much!
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