Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Full of Myself Episode 5 - It's Ryohei Kato Again~

When I first look up for Ryohei Kato's information and obviously pictures of him 5 days ago, there were near zero info and pics on him..
Now today, I tried to look again and hooowoooowwwoo!!!
He is all over Tumblr.. There is a Wikipedia entry on him (not that much but that is not the main point)..
They even found his Twitter account and Facebook page!! *Thank God,hihihi..Now I can stalk him even more*

How on earth did I noticed about this sudden stardom of Ryohei Kato?? I'm no famous blogger, I believe I'm among the first to blog about him and in mere 4 days, this is the view on my post regarding Ryohei Kato.

600++ views!! *facepalm!*

I've followed him on Twitter..Hahahaha..Obviously I understand absolutely nothing. Time to learn some Japanese words! Hehehe..
Obviously, he casted the same effect on me on the other girls as well. We're enchanted!! Someone even suggested to start a fandom! i could not agree more! Hahaha...

Here are more pictures of him which I jacked from the Tumblr.

They even compare him with a celeb (Ikeoka Ryousuke)..Told ya!
Credit: aokinsight

Credit: kaying34

Congratulation to Japan gymnastic team for winning silver at London 2012 Olympic. Ryohei Kato, you're one of hell gymnast. Keep it up. No doubt you will succeed! I'm always here to support and *ehem* ogle..Hahaha..

So Full of Myself Episode 4 - My Nu'est Album is Here!!!

I was covered with goosebumps and was spazzing when Valoa Records emailed me informing that my Nu'est album has reached their place on Saturday.

I immediately danced!!! Thank God no one is around to see my 'famous' thought-I'm-a-sexy-dancer-but-actually-I'm-wriggling-like-worm dance..Haha!

I actually expected the album to reach me in mid August. 
So please imagining how excited I am to know that my love had reached earlier than I thought. Yes!!!!

I have reviewed Valoa Records services here. Please do visit.

Meanwhile, I wanted to show off my album!! 

Please be very very jealous ok! hahaha..I got charismatic leader photocard. JR is f*****g cool here! Actually, I was rooting for gorgeous Minhyun photocard but nevermind~ 
Now off to listen to my album and ogle the album's photobook! hehehe..
Oh!!!!! My free poster!!

Dreamy dreamy dreamy!!