Friday, March 29, 2013

Beautiful Kahi

Well, I'm supposed to blog about unboxing my B.A.P album but somehow my granny-self forgot to transfer the pictures from my phone to my laptop.. Now, I ended up with nothing to write.. Padan muka.. *nyeh nyeh*

Taken from Kahi's instagram , I'm sooo mesmerize with her latest picture. She's so beautiful with that prominent dimples. How I wish she will make her solo comeback asap...
I JUST LOVE HER. *fullstop*

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Unboxing: After School 1st Album New Schoolgirl

Since I love to babble so much, I've decided to split my intros accordingly before it looks like a 350 words essay needs to be submitted to your English teacher  -_-""

Intro 1 : It is kind of  hard to find people doing their review/unboxing the album through pictures. Most of them used videos. Yes, video is easier, but being at my place where your company blocks Youtube and you yourself sucks at making video, picture reviews are the most welcome ^^. So I've decided to join the small bandwagon of people who did their reviews using pictures. It was a lame excuse to avoid doing video review… Hahaha.. I can’t help it.. I’m awkward..but adorable (and deluded too >_<)

Intro 2: I considered this album rare because it was so hard to find it. Most the blog shops I've visited (and trusted) are no longer selling this album.

Album : After School 1st Album – New Schoolgirl
Weight: ~200g

1. Around 18 pages of colored photobook front to back
2. No photocard and poster
3. Price: RM39.90 (from Speedy Video)
4.Importantly, this album is Korean Version.

The Size

Hooo yeah.. The size of the album is quite mind-boggling.. It was skimpy that I thought this album is a Malaysia version. But no, that is the real deal. 
Thickness: ~0.6cm
Length: ~20cm
Width: ~16cm

The Inside

The Photobook

Some of it..Not all

I was breathing hard and super excited when I saw this album hiding in a small little corner in Speedy Video.Being a Playgirlz, it was like finding a chest full with treasures!! And the price is cheaper.. See, happiness doubles up!! I was ‘goat smilinga.k.a senyum kambing when the album is finally mine and I earned ‘tsk tsk tsk’ and a headshake from my colleague.. Hahaha.. Duhhh~ You’ll never understand..

So now I wonder, if I really submit this to an English teacher, will I get an A?? O_o…Ok fine forget it..