Sunday, June 17, 2012

13 Cool & Sophisticated Habits of AnneJ (haha)

I always think myself as a weirdo.
*Nah, Vee saids these are habits and personalities*
*So let's change this into 13 Cool & Sophisticated Habits of AnneJ*
It is mainly because I did not do things that most of people enjoy doing.
But whenever I pointed it out, people (i.e family, friends) give me a weird look.
As if I just declared myself loving to walk around the mall......NAKED.
Here are the reasons.
1. Flowers
I think flowers are not a symbol of romantic (gasp!). It's a symbol of hard work (gasp!). A nuisance (gasp!). Why? When your partner gives you flowers, he doesn't expect them to be in the bin. No. He expected us to wait (like ages!) for the flowers to wilt and die, then press them nicely and put it in the frame/album and add up to amount of junks we already have in our room. I prefer something that I can fully utilise it. Even a kilometrico pen. Really.

2. NO light, NO sleep
Even my parents knew better than to turn off the light because the very next second, they will find me groggily waking up, turn on the light on again and continue sleeping.

3. Special bonding with my second brother,Nazmi
Through SMS and Facebook, we're like the world bestest pal and no one can beat us. The moment we face other, we become awkward monkeys. Our conversation mainly consist of "hmmm", "ok" and "Can I borrow _______(insert anything)?"

4. Book Obsession
Trust me. It's weird normal (you who did not like books is weird.Hahahaha..ok enough). Other people LIKE reading but I'm not only obsessed with reading but with books too. I keep them in pristine condition, I never buy second hand books (unless it looks like new) and I never borrow. If I do borrow, I'll make sure I buy exact one for myself and re-read it. I never lend my books to the book abuser in fear they might deformed my beautiful babies. Sometimes, I organized them nicely and admires them for a moment. I even took pictures of them. Currently, my mom is the unofficial 'sacred book keeper' for my another ginormous collection back at Penang. She will went ballistic when if she found one of my book is missing.

5. When I eat, I must read
Since this is not a proper table manner, I only limited this during "me alone" time which is basically most of the time (pathetic). Even the pattern is weird normal. Heavy meals = light reading and light meal=heavy reading. If not, I just feels impotent.

6. A nervy-b around people
I'm a social awkward. When I'm alone, I drive perfectly etc. When with people, suddenly I'm a road hazard. A normally quiet me will turn into nonsense-babbling stammering monster when I'm nervous. I hate when people look at me. That's why I love to be alone. No problem. Certain people cringe at the sound of doing things alone. Well, I'm not. But I still enjoy the company of my family and close friends.

7. I despise drama
Girls supposed to love drama (all girly and romantic) but I'm can't. No matter how hard I tried. During schooltime, when others read Ahadiat Akashah works, I read murder novels. Now, when others rave about chic lit, I read thrillers. When others obsessed with Gossip Girls and Desperate Housewife, I only watch CSI and The Big Bang Theory. As for korean drama, truth to be told, I only watched the funny parts and fast-forwarded the cheesy part..

8. I will never understand fashion
Why can't we dress up comfortably? Why must follow trends that change every months? Why must suffer other people dirty looks when we put on an outdated outfit and even mismatched them? I can't even create my own simple look. I dress whatever and however I like.

9. I get my vengeance through imagination
I'm not used to loud outburst. When I'm angry, I just imagine I'm scratching (or any violence that my brain can come up with) that person and I'm satisfied already. My friends told me I have amazing ability to control anger. Well, here my secret. Scratching!

10. Repetitive Eating Pattern
When I love one particular food/drinks, I will obsessively eat/drink them every single day until I'm sick of them. The moment I found new interest, the cycle starts again. My friends shake their head at this habit. ;p

11. Toss, Turn & Fidget
I can never sit or sleep still. Every morning, I wake up finding all my pillows and blanket on the floor. When I'm reading, I will do hundreds of complicated acrobatic movements i.e legs on the bed, upper body on the foor. If this an Olympic game, I might win a medal.

12. Whistling Men
I hate them. Loathe them. Everytime they whistle, my anger bubbling up (near to Hulk but too bad I'm not exposed to gamma ray). I feels like scratching, biting and ripping their eyes and teeth out. I can't understand why women can still smile flirtatously at these men.

13. Karaoke
MOST of the people I know (even the most brightest PhD candidates) love karaoke. They swears that singing can let them unwind their stresses. This, however does not have similar effect to me. When I hold a mike, I become much more stressful than before. I rather read books.

Well, do you guys think that I weird pretty?
(Thank God I'm normal.pheww~!)