Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Super Junior - Sexy, Free and Single

My Sungmin is getting beefy..yum yum..*eh macam coklat dah pulak*

I've been very busy with my work and researches..
I barely have time to sleep..
Let alone sitting down and write on my blog..
Butttttttt..I still have times to ogles the gorgeousness of God's creation which is THE HANDSOME YUMMY MAN..hahaha...
*go away thesis!pffftt*
*oh..hi Prof.. >__<*

This anticipated MV have been released a few days ago, I HAVE time to watch, but time to blog..hihihi..
The opening already captured my heart, eyes, soul and everything I have!!
Then the selection of eye candies making my heart jumping and thumping hard!!
*Mendebarkan hati!!!*

Yes, the video is in similar concept with previous videos but the members never failed to capture my heart since two years ago..
They keep stealing my heart..and other fan's hearts..
*They should be caught!!*

But the song, first time listening to it, I already loooooove it soo much and keep replaying both song and video EVERY SINGLE DAY..

My favourite part of the video??
The catwalk part.. Siwon, Donghae, Sungmin *kyaaaa!* and Kyuhyun really nail it! They look like real international runaway models..

Mendebarkan hati...Melemahkan jantung!! @__@

And, I almost forgot about Kangin until I saw him doing his part..Teehee..Sorry..

It is a truly Sexy, free and single!!
Go and watch it yourself..
I'm going to watch the video and die again..'s another honest review here..
A totally opposite one from mine..
Worth reading..