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Review : The Face Shop Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel

I never raved on a moisturizer so much..
Until I stumbled upon this superb gel..

Main Ingredient
1. 100% organic water from north pole
2. Contained phyto-Hyaluronic Acid (from plant, so all vegans out there, no worries!!)
3. Xylitol from sugarcane (the lovely cooling feeling)

This lovely moisturizer has 7-free system!
1. Paraben Free (usually used as preservatives)
2. Benzophenol Free (Color preservative)
3. Animal origin free 
4. Mineral oil free
5. Triethanolamine free (emulsifier, surfactant)
6. Sulphate free
7. Artificial colorant free

So, with this 7-free system, this moisturizer will prevent our skin from becoming more sensitive..

Retail Price : RM89.90 for 100ml

How to use
After toner and serum, massage the gel in outward motions

The Texture
Translucent pale blue in color and gel texture

Thumbs Up!
1. So cooling and soothing upon application. So good especially for those who has been exposed to sun. It will calm the tingling feeling. Really, I've been there.
2. Since it is an oil-free moisturizer, this can help to tighten pores..
3. Has water capsule system, which means that it can hold our face moisture.
4. The smell is soothing and refreshing
5. Easily absorb. Around 1 minute then my face feels soft to the touch. 
6. My skin feels hydrate and has a boing-boing effect >__<
7. Worth every ringgit. Trust me, usually moisturizers come in 50 ml for a similar price. I've checked!

Bonus Point
1. 4 month ago, I accidentally spilled hot water on my hands. It was so scalding hot, I just don't know what to do. Last time I've put on toothpaste, it did nothing to sooth my scalds. So I've gambled by massaging my Super Gel onto my scalds and it DOES soothed my painful scalds. And within a few hours, the scalds DID NOT swelled up. Now, there is no burnt mark on my hand. It is a good aid.
2. Everytime I've decided to do a skin suicide (eg: trying on new disastrous skincare), this gel always help my skin to revert back into its original condition.

Thumbs Down
1.It does contained alcohol. :(
2. Not oil-controlling 

Oh my god! I've raving about it. DEFINITELY repurchasing it again

So for those who has dehydrated oily skin, this is the one for you. Try it. And you will love it. :)

My Skincare Routine

This is a post that I promised to do looong time ago to a friend of mine who asked about my routine since she saw there's change to my complexion.
Dear Didi, sorry it took me a long time to post this..
But hey, at least I fulfilled my promise..hihi..
Since I need to itemize everything, a word of caution though, it will quite lengthy..
Please bear with me..
Let's start with my basic skincare routine..
Cleanse, tone and moisturise

Basic Care

I use everything from The Face Shop for my basic skincare...

1. Arsainte Eco-Therapy Multi-Care Cleansing Foam - this soothes my redness, does not leave tight feeling on my skin and organic. Suites sensitive skin the best! I'm up to my 2nd tube of this. One tube last about 7 months.RM59.90

2. Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Tonic with Essential - This is my toner. Formulated with 7-free system, it's an alcohol free toner. Noticed the yellow layer?? It's a golden palm oil. I have dehydrated skin, so I still need mild moisture.RM69.90

3. Arsainte Eco-Therapy Extreme Moisture Ideal Essence - This clear-colored liquid contained Argan Oil and White Lupin. Easily absorbed into skin, making my skin feels soft. I don't feel any stickiness. RM99.90

4. Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crystal Water Super Gel - I swear by this moisturizer! It does wonders to my skin. Gel-type, oil-free, easily absorb, cooling and soothing. And hydrating! I love this gem. RM89.90

The Face Shop Wrinkle Stop Abyssine Eye Cream - Well this claims to reduced dark circles and fine lines. So such things happen. My eyes still in crap land. Just want to finish this asap. RM89.90

The Face Shop Natural Sun Aqua Sun Gel SPF 40 PA+++ - I feel in love with this for its non-sticky and cooling feeling. After a while, I got bored. Hahaha.. RM59.90

Make-Up Removers

Biore Makeup Remover for Eye & Lip - Loving the apple scent (I think it has apple scent..haha). Removes my waterproof eyeliner very well and does not leave my eyes cloudy. Forgot the price.

1. The Skin Food Green Vegetable Cleansing Tissue - with mung bean and rice extracts. I use this ONLY when I have no makeup on or simply too lazy (oh please spare me! everybody has their own lazy times) to remove my makeup. Guilty as charged! RM32.90
2. The Skin Food Black Sugar Deep Cleansing Cream - does a good job removing my waterproof BB cream and no breakouts! :) RM55.00

Extra Care
Wash-off Masks
I have varieties of them to tackle my skin problems.

From left to right:
1. The Face Shop Kiwi Mask - I darn! I forgot its official name. It's looks like spread jam. Really. For my dull and dehydrated skin. RM39.90
2. Arsainte Eco-Therapy Crytal Water Oxygen Mask - for my dull, dehydrated skin and congested pores. RM69.90
3. The Skin Food Egg White Pore Mask - my my congested pores and oily skin. RM44.00
4. The Skin Food Black Bean Nose Pack - for my nose. RM17.80
5. The Skin Food Peppermint Pore Diet Peel Off Mask - Ok ok..I bought this merely because I fell in love its minty scent. RM28.00

Mask Sheets
From left to right:
1. The Skin Food Hydro Fitting Yeast Mask (pack of 5) - supposedly for my oily skin and congested pores. Did not have the time to try them yet. Hehe. RM39.90
2. BEAute Claire Refreshing Balance Mask - One of gems!!! I totally in love with this mask. No worry, I will review it in future. Bought in bundles from my friend.

1. The Face Shop Living Nature Lemon Mask Sheet - oil-controlling
2.  The Face Shop Living Nature Rice Mask Sheet - brightening
3.  The Face Shop Living Nature Cucumber Mask Sheet - especially for my skin when they have redness episode. Mostly due to sun exposure and wrong products. All at RM6.90/piece

Sleeping Mask

The Face Shop Raspberry Roots Sleeping Mask - Another gem of mine. It does a superb job hydrating my skin. My skin problems start diminish little by little since I've start using it. I don't know about others it does do wonders to my skin. RM99.90

Feels free to ask me about anything!

Review: The Skin Food Argan Oil Hair Silk Mask

My hair is course, thick, extremely dry and brittle at the end but oilier at the scalp area..
Due to frequent rebonding (I get my hair straight once a year)..
Please..if you have unruly thick hair like me (even woke up to a lion hair in the morning), you'll too straighten your hair..
And for some time, I quite neglected my hair until it become extremely damage with massive frizzies..
None of the affordable hair treatments (pardon me but I can't afford expensive ones at the moment) do wonders to my hair..
The I came across The Skin Food Argan Oil Hair Silk Mask..
It's a single pack convinient hair mask that offer 2-stage care...
It claims to tranform dry, brittle hair into calm, soft tresses..

Main Ingredient
Argan Oil- Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins E which are great in keeping moisture

Retail Price: RM16.90
"Quite affordable for special ocassion"

How To Use
1. After shampoo, patt off excess water from hair and massage the treatment through hair without touching the scalp
2. Wear the essence cap, massage hair lightly and wait 10 mins
3. Rinse off the treatment and shampoo your hair again

The hair treatment
The hair treatment is pale pink gel-like in texture but creamy to the touch. The amount provided is generous.. Enough to cover my whole thick tresses and I'm very happy about it. Upon application, I can feel the treatment sort of melted into my hair.

The paper haircap is wetted with essence and is quite fragile. I already torn the cap quite at few places (clumsy me..hehe)..
A few minutes after putting on my cap, I use my hairdryer for 2 mins to quickly warm my hair as heat help the treatment to be absorb into hair.

Thumbs Up
I used this hair mask trice (once a week) before I finally writing down my opinions on it
1. The amount is generous! Enough to cover my hair which is long and thick
2. Affordable
3. Most inportantly, THE RESULT... My hair does feels like a silk after washing. Even after 3 days, my hair still soft to the touch (I can't keep my hands off them..teehee).. My hair is much more managable now with less frizzies (which less looking like a lioness).. I even dared myself to go out to work right after my hair wash. Usually, my hair will look like a dried broom when air-dry. So I seldom wash my hair in the morning. I wash them at night. And tadaa! Lesser looking like a broom and more like actually hair.

Thumbs Down
1. The smell..It was quite overpowering to me..But since I'm not holding my breath while applying it, I'll tolerate with it. :)

100% will buy it again. Go ahead! Try it. :)

Review: The Skin Food Chlorella Nose Clear Patch

It was something I had to buy in order to earn The Skin Food stamps..
*RM20, get 1 stamp*
Since it was sell in individual packet, I thought "heck! Why not?" and I grabbed 5 of them
I can always do with extra nose packs since I have severe whiteheads scattered around my nose..

After two weeks of not using the nose pack in order to test out the Chlorella Nose Pack just to see and test the effectivity..
My whiteheads are too much, they become visible to naked eyes from far and some of them started poking out already *erlack!*

Sorry guys, I did tried my best to capture my whiteheads in action but this is the best I can get. I'm only using my Sony Ericsson Vivaz camera.. I'm not in the position to buy a very quality camera..yet.

Main Ingredient
Chlorella produced by Daesang
*The chlorella that I'm familiar is usually has anti-oxidant effect, skin restructuring etc*
Now what the hecks it is doing in a nose pack?
Never mind..
Since there is no ingredient list, there is nothing I can do..

The name is already misleading me. I though it was a CLEAR/transparent nose patch. After looking at the horrid green patch, I've realized the meaning of 'clear' on the packet is to clear off the blackheads and whiteheads.

Retail priceRM2.70

How To Use
1. Cleanse and tone your face
2. Wet your nose area
3. Slap the patch onto your nose *be careful not to wet the patch..dried your hands first before applying the patch*
4. Camwhore for 10-15 mins..*muahaha*

The Result

It should be called Chlorella Nose "You're Fooled..hahaha" Clear Patch instead.. >________<
It does almost nothing to remove my whiteheads..let alone the stubborn blackheads..Grrrr..
Mind you, I haven't removed my black&whiteheads for two weeks.
Trust me, they're camping there, really really cosy, on my nose..

I think I had myself really CLEAR in the result section. ABSOLUTELY NO REPURCHASING...Thank God it's only RM2.70. Even Biore did a BETTER job than this and I hate Biore.. And to think I have 4 more of this 'unCLEAR' patches in my stashes. T__T

Review: The Face Shop Face It Extreme Bold Pen Liner

As an eyeliner junkie, I've always fond of discovering new eyeliners. From pencil to pen to liquid eyeliner...
But since I've found out that I have oily eyelids, I had stopped buying pencil eyeliner (yes, even the waterproof range does not have the waterproof effect on my eyes, they melted within a few hours, making me look like a panda.. @__@)
So I was intrigued when i saw this eyeliner..
They claimed that it can produce cat-like effect..
Can be use both as thin and thick liner..
Retail PriceRM54.90

It looks like a permanent marker pen. >__<
Feels like I'm holding a marker pen but with sharp edge of course..

1. I drew using the fine end tip
2. Using the broader side of the liner
3. Drawing using the broader part first then flicking at the end using the fine tip.

1. I drew my eyes in thick/bold line
2. Finer line using the tip
Thumbs Up
1. For a pen eyeliner, it has the blackest black. Which I like in my eyeliner. Usual pen liner has grayish black color.
2. The solid tip make it very easy for me to draw the liners
3. Easier to draw the flick end. I don't have to "draft"it first.
4. Can be removed easily

Thumbs Down
1. Quite pricey. Unless during sales period.
2. Have to overlay several times to get the desired intensity as this liner is easily affected if there is a layer of eyeshadows. Have to wipe the shadows off the liner first before proceeding.
3. The mother of 'my' thumbs down, it does not last. Within a few hours, the flicked end melted away and after 1/2 day, the color started to fade. But thankfully when it faded, it just faded, it didn't leave a streak. And of course it stayed 3-4 hours longer than pencil eyeliner.

For me, no..I'll stick to liquid eyeliner.

1. For pen liner users
2. Those who doesn't know how to use liquid eyeliner but favor a liquid eyeliner effect, this is for you
3. For those who has normal eyelids (meaning non-oily laa..haha)

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Cabaran 30 Hari : Hari Ke-9 : 5 Lelaki Yang Menarik Perhatian Anne Jalil

Errr.Errr..Errr..Mencabar topik ni
Boleh list 5 lelaki Korea yang menarik perhatian?

Lelaki Korea yang menarik perhatian pertama

Haa, gigih taw mak buat collage-collage ni sebab memang gambar mamat ni penuh PC. Selalu mamat-mamat korea selalu muka jambu air kan? LBH ni memang muka jambu batu. Macho sangat-sangat. Sesuai la dia berlakon jadi jahat, saiko, filem aksi-aksi.

Gigih ok cari gif kat Google.
*berdarah idung*
*pengsan di tempat kejadian*

Lelaki Korea menarik perhatian kedua

Yang ni tak payah intro kot. Yang tak minat korea pun kenal. Sebab bini-bini korang gila K-Drama kan? Hihi.

Lelaki Korea menarik perhatian ketiga-----------> sudah-sudah la berilusi optik ni NJ. Back to reality. Rasanya dah nampak trend tu..

1. Suka lelaki yang berpakaian kemas. Yang pakai business suit tu lagi la melemahkan jantung
2. Lelaki yang berbadan sasa tetapi idok le sampai macam hulk aku tengok. Juling biji mata.
3.Lelaki yang tinggi sebab aku petite. Pendek kasar nau.
4. Lelaki yang berwajah macho. Jambu air sangat-sangat memang turn off walaupun aku minat Korea.
5. Lelaki yang tolong buka pintu/tarik kerusi untuk perempuan. This proves that chivalry is not dead yet.

Haaa siap. Betulkan? Bukan ciri-ciri lelaki idaman kan? Kalau lelaki idaman, list lain pulak. *senyum kambing*

Nota kaki: Sebab aku posting ikut time Korea, maka sekarang belum hari ke-10 lagi *alasan bertingkat-tingkat*

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Cabaran 30 Hari : Start Now, Fighting!

Apa tu cabaran 30 hari?
Baca sini, malas explain..Hihi

Aku nak join challenge ni sebab nak elak blog habuk bersawang

Credit to : Abah Careno

Monday, June 9, 2014

When People Replied "K" to Your Text

I was browsing my Facebook page when I stumbled upon my friend's post on the best response on letter K

It seriously annoys me whenever I get K'ed.
For me, this shows that no efforts are made and you could care less and giving this "yeah, whatever attitude".
Especially if this reply came from my partner.
I can grit my others at others, but when it comes to my partner, I'll become his worst nightmare...The Nagger..until his ears bleed out..
I mean, how hard it is to add the letter O to the letter K??
It is going to cost you millions just to add an O??
I'm definitely okay with OK.
Duh, I don't expect people to give me a 350 words essay to a simple "Meet you there at 7.00 pm" text.
I'm happy to receive no message at all rather than K

And see how lengthy my entry is?? Just for the getting K'ed topic?
I'm sure there are a lot of people out there, just like me.

Dadamato Selca of The Day

Finally getting my new-released Benefit BeneBalm. Yeay! *throws confetti*

U-Kiss : Mono Scandal

Let just say I'm flabbergasted and shocked upon watching U-Kiss latest comeback, Mono Scandal..
* Oy wanna speak'ing London ere because oy am so in lave with James McAvoy's accent*
*fefeeling Brit sket* -___-"
Okay fine, me and my nonsensical rambling again...

Honestly, I'm disgusted with the threesome scene although I have to admit Hoon's abs is getting yummier.
I mean, what is happening to the K-Pop that I treasure soo much??
It feels like I'm watching a very clean porn..
Eyyy, can I say that with any misunderstanding??

First, the K-girls are wearing lesser clothing with erotic dance moves, now the guys too?
There is a clear solid difference between sexy and cheap.
Come on NH Media..

I've been following U-kiss very closely.
I honestly think that these guys are under appreciated.
All of their songs are good, the members are talented but somehow they're not getting the recognition they deserved.
Something is wrong somewhere..

I think they're trying to boost the rating by displaying a bit of raunchy scenes.
*which usually a success with girl's group, correct me if I'm wrong*
Well, I don't think it is a success because last time I checked, the views on Youtube is only about 700k++..
This track has been released like more than a week.
Even Taeyang's Eyes Nose Lips has reached 4mil views.
Kevin even ended up apologizing to the fans..

Back to the topic of guys watching, Eli is extremely suave in this clip. I believe his best look ever. I even drools looking at him looking dashing in white shirt and coat *starry eyes*

Errr no, I'm no jealous watching the girl hogging them.
*unless he is Jongup, I might be even more nastier here because I'm brimming with jealousy*
I just feels disgusted and pity them..Getting exploited like that. And I though only girls can be exploited until I watched this clip.
Sorry Kiss Me, I love all U-Kiss songs but I'm not particularly fond of this comeback.
*Don't hate me because I'm beauti...errr..being honest*

Dadamato Selca of The Day

I wanna re-do the Jonguppie's scene but I think my phone is too big..Or perhaps I'm too small?? O_o

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Teaser : B.A.P Where Are You

I haven't finish getting over 1004, now they're releasing a new teaser for their 4th single album *gasps!*
*hides in the corner, with a bucket and cries*

B.A.P Unplugged 2014 is set to be released on the 3rd June 2014...which is less than a week!

I can see that this album is truly dedicated to us the fans as per our request to includes more intrumental tracks in their upcoming album.

Our boys are ditching their powerful and fierce concept and embrace the playful and carefree images in this comeback.

I'm tearing already just by looking at the teasers. Both photos and MV.

They look extremely adorable fooling around in the streets of London *sigh!*

HimUp moments are in the clip too!! Yeay! *throws confetti*

So June The Third, please come fast. Thank you.

Dadamato Selca Of The Day

Watching Where Are You? teasers countless times! Spotting Moon Jongup in action y'all.. HimUp forever.. Goodnight peeps~

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Review: The Skin Food Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Line

*This is a post from my other blog which I'm intended to close. So before I close it, I'm transferring all my reviews to here*

I was kind of anticipated the release of this new skincare line targeting pore and oily skin which are my major skin problems.
So when they're released, I grabbed myself a toner, an emulsion, a serum and a smooth pore cream.
I've been using these for more than 2 weekstwice a day and here is my review. I was not paid to do this review. This is my honest opinion.

1. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Toner - RM70.90
2. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Emulsion - RM70.90
3. Fresh Apple Sparkling Pore Serum - RM75.90
4. Fresh Apple Smooth Pore Cream - RM50.90

Main Ingredients:

Green Apple
Consist pectin and tannin. Pectin is fibre good in controlling sebum production and tightening pores. While tannin is an astringent good to normalize pore size and tighten inelastic skin. Green apple also consist high amount of Vitamin Cthat can act as antioxidant.

Cho Jung Carbonated Water
1. Also known as Mystic Water from Orient and is one of the best 3 mineral waters.
2. Originates from Cho Jung Li, Korea.
3. For skin hydration.

Texture, Color & How To Use

Texture and Color : Clear and watery
How To Use : After cleansing, pour into a cotton pad and wipe skin.

Texture and color : Clear and watery. Slightly richer than toner.
How to use: After toner, massage on face.
*This emulsion boggles my mind. I was expecting and opaque and slighly richer lotion. But it does hydrates my skin.*

Texture and color : Opaque and cream-like
How to use: After emulsion, massage on face.
*Just like Peach Sake line, this serum will give you matte finish, so must use after emulsion and contained Palmitoyl pentapeptide which is good forsmoothing wrinkles*

Smooth Pore Cream
Texture and color : same as serum but slightly richer.
How to use: Last step in skincare routine, before primer/BB cream
*this is not a cream, but a pore finish cream to gives silky and matte finish. Contained evermat*

I used these 4 products alone, twice a day for more than 2 weeks and I did not mix with other products. And I did not edit any of the result pictures *honest!*and I used as best as I can the same lighting, camera and everything.

Cleanser ----> Apple Sparkling Toner ----> Apple Sparkling Emulsion ----> Apple Sparkling Serum ----> Apple Sparkling Smooth Pore Cream ----> Peach Sake BB Cream No 2 -(review here) ---> Black Egg Pore Finish Powder

Instant Result (upon application)

1. Bare face (no skincare)
2. After all 4 products of Apple Sparkling
3. After BB cream and loose powder

Up-close, I'm amazed at the instant pore concealing effect.

1. Bare face
2. After 4 products of Apple Sparkling
3 & 4. After makeup

Looking at my whole face pictures, there is not much of the differences except for my face have become more radiant and looks smoother.

After 2 Weeks

Both bare face.

Thumbs Up
1. Looking at my results, I'm amazed at how smooth and radiant my face has turned into. I'm very happy.
2. My makeup never stays this long. Whole 6-7 hours without blotting *trust me, this is an achievement for me*
3. No break outs*the breakouts are because I was sleeping with my makeup on for 2 days in a row. Don't do that*
4. Like I stated in no 2., my face has become 'normal'. Less oily than before
5. My pores have become LESS VISIBLE.

Thumbs Down
NONE. I'm a happy user. :)
Oh please, not for people with

Definitely. This time, I planned to buy whole range. :) and see the overall effect.