Wednesday, June 27, 2012

My K-Pop Bias (Male Group)

It is 1.30 am and I'm still fresh as hell!
Bored with my Facebook page already..
So I've decided to babble on my blog instead..
This is an unplanned, last minute post..
So please forgive me if this post is blasé...
And I only focusing on groups that I called myself their fans and keep updating their latest comebacks and variety shows.

Super Junior
My very first K-pop love..It was 2010 and I blamed my eonnie for exposing this to me..
*Damn you eonnie!!*
From Kibum to Donghae to Leeteuk..
My final bias finally settled on pretty boy Lee Sungmin
Everything about him is pretty, sweet and cute..
He's too adorable..
I can't get enough of him..
How can I not loving that beautiful smile?? *hanyan*
Addicted to their Ring Ding Dong track, I started digging their previous songs and first fell in love with Almighty Key.
After a while, my attention started to switch to their main vocal, the brunette Jonghyun after watching Hello Baby.
His voice is so powerful, each times he throws an ad lib, I have goosebumps.
He's manly and getting intensely buff at each comeback.. *Swoon!*
Hello delicious!!
My 2011 love. Fall in love immediately with Fiction, I've feverishly stacking up Beast tracks on my player ever since. 
My gaze fell upon another pretty man..
Jang Hyun Seung..
A pretty boy with a face and a voice..
I like his 'Troublemaker' image the best!

Yes, as my friend pointed it out, the name is....sigh!
Ubiquitous Korean International idol Super Star
Damn! It was quite a mouthful..
My one and only bias..Never change..
Shin Soohyun.
The moment I lay my eyes on him in Neverland clip, I make sure I know his name that very second!
He's not the most good looking man on planet but he is already handsome to me..
Armed with a powerful voice *meltingggg*, pervert-inducing-thoughts solid body, he seems so REAL to me..
He proves that you don't need to be beautiful to be perfect..
Every time he sings, I just........melt~
Über delicious bod and voice..yum yum!

Nu' est
The start of an era going gaga over boys as young as my 4th brother..Damn!
Now where is the elixir of life??
So that I can love them without feeling guilty like a pedophile..Hahaha..
Here is an exception..I actually have two biases..
First is White Tiger Baekho
I first went gaga over him when he appeared in After School's Play Your Love..
I went like "oh my, that is one great looking boy"
And despite his weird debut hairstyle (trust me, I don't like it)..
I'm still drawn to him..
Baekho-pre debut
Well hello there..from white kitty into white tiger..
Then, I stumbled upon leader smiling picture, JR..
Now now..How can I not like that?
That smile of his can melt the iciest heart!

At first, I don't really like the extravagance teasers of Exo.
After the released of History, I began warming up to them..
It was Kai at first, but after a while I started paying attention on Baekhyun..
He's both super cute and bless with high-pitched,steady voice..
I really like his vocal in Mama..
I keep replaying that track just to listen to his voice.
And his image in Mama, is dark and rebellious..His gaze is intense!!I like!

Upon makeup removal......

He looks so young, pure and innocent!

My latest addiction.. My bias is Woohyun..
As usual, he has THE VOICE that can melt women hearts.
The reason I keep replaying their tracks is because of his voice..
I swoon over his part..
I fly...I...*realized that I could not fly..Damn spoiler!*
And of course because their songs are great too...

I like his 'Paradise' image the best..
He looks so cool and smexy *smart & sexy*

The pattern is obvious..I'm attracted to the member with THE VOICE and most  of them have Hyun in their names..
SooHYUN, WooHyun, BaekHYUN, JongHYUN, HYUNseung, JongHYUN (JR's real name)...
And now...if only I can integrate HYUN in Sungmin's and Baekho's names..
How about Sungminhyun and Baekhohyun or maybe Donghohyun (Baekho's real name)???
Nahhhh!! It is weird..Just leave them be..
Why so obsessed with pattern, AnneJ??