Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Full Of Myself Episode 3 - Ogling Ryohei Kato

I was watching gymnastic artistic Olympic 2012 qualifying round yesterday.
Ehehehe, during sport events session, the games I usually watch are gymnastic (both artistic and rhythmic), synchronized swimming and diving.
I just love watching all those impossible moves*for me, I'm no gymnast* made and perform by the athletes.
I was ogling the biceps of US gymnasts *ahahaha, I'm honest ok* when the camera focus on Japan's gymnast Ryohei Kato.
I went like 'OMG! *facepalm* He's beautiful!'
And started fangirling all over him and pissing someone for going gaga over muscle men.. Muahahaha.. I forgot the US team.  >__<


Honestly, he could be easily mistaken for a Japanese celebrity. Just compare him with the of the rest of the gymnasts.  

The downside?? He is f****** 18 years old!! *facepalm again*
What is wrong me?? Salivating over younger men..A.G.A.I.N.. Sigh..
In fact, he reminds me of No Min Woo.

Don't worry, it's ok for me to go gaga over No Min Woo because he's an oppa.

A little bit of Ryohei Kato's info I digged

DOB : 09 September 1993 (Numazu, Japan)
Height : 162 cm
1. Brought up in Soka, Japan.
2. Father - Hiroyuki Kato is the coach for Japan National team for gymnastic)
3. Mom - Yumi is a former gymnast
4. Mom claims he is lively (amazing because he looks shy and quiet to me)
5. First-year student at Juntendo University

The dad/coach

Hope he does well in Olympic 2012. :)



  1. First of all, I'm really happy that you've cured. But on the downside, i'm super busy. Anyway, i won't know it's olympic if I didn't catch up with inkigayo , music core olympic performances.
    Sucks, I got no access of olympic at home since the tv is jacked with whole load of China low-graded channels. I have to turn on my old tv- which gives me no guarantee of watching them. I wanna root and see the muscular men contestants as well. !!!!
    By the way, the guy is quite good looking...but he's really short. hehe, who cares when he got all that talents.

  2. Hahaha..I think we have less jodoh this past week and probably this week also. It's my turn to be kinda miss your updates when u busy hari tu. Hari2 stalk ur blog. ;p

    Hahaha..I pun dapat peluang tgk sekejap je. Upm no tv.. ceh! Vee..memang BERSIH mata cuci tgk lelaki muscle..muahahaha..
    Yeah, 162cm. He is definitely no minhyun or baekho..haha..and he's 18. maybe will grow some more..

  3. hi.. ada yg sama kan Ryohei Kato dgn Haruma Miura. Haruma sangat tinggi dan slim. klu tengok dr tepi hampir sama cuma Haruma lebih manis. sy peminat Haruma dan tak mustahil sy juga akan suka pd Ryohei.

  4. Yeleeeee..i just googled Haruma Miura. Nak lebih kurang ryohei. Haruma's features are softer in compare dengan ryohei...Saya sangat suka dengan pretty men..hehehe..sebab tu bila tengok ryohei, terus meleleh air liur sbb selalu atlet ni tak kacak sangat. ;p