Tuesday, December 14, 2010

After School: My First Girl Crush!

I don't usually give a damn about girl groups or female celebrities..due to extreme jealousy..Oh come on..They're extremely gorgeous..Perfect..And we, the others have to live as plain Jane..cantik gila babi (oh,sori ayah saya padam) Porcelain perfect skin..purest skin..big doll eyes...angel lips..flowy and swishy perfect hair (okay,exaggerate je tuh)..
So usually, I ONLY and strictly feast my eyes of handsome men..hehehe..So recently, I stumbled upon this korean female group, I immediately no tipu-tipu fall in love...Love at 1st sight..I even have to deny my jealousy towards overrated beautiful female celebs.. T_T..Serious suka gila..I think I have become a part-time lesbi since I keep watching their MVs thousand times like I did to SHINee and Super Junior and a bunch of male groups..

Single Because Of You..Serious s*&4  best..

This group is called After School..they may not be as famous as SNSD but heck,they really projected the images that I always adored..Images that one day I'm hoping to be..Mature, independent and fierce..I really despise cutesy,sugary,lollipoppy (is this word legal?haha) images..I don't hate SNSD..really..I like their songs..but not their image..

The leader: Park Gahee..She is 30..unbelievable rite??
oh oh oh oh oh!!She's my fav!! Jung Ah..*hanyan*
After School mascot..UEE..actually..I don't really dig the spotlight the put on her..but she's beautiful though..in a mysterious kind of way..
The maknae: Lizzy..Cute!
Golden voice: Raina..she gave me goosebumps when she sang high notes!
Nana...Another pretty face that I won't get tired looking at..
JooYeon..The uzzlang..I really thinks she's funny!!!I loike!
Bekah..The rapper..My another fav..She really have healthy body..I want to be like her!!!

Why I like them so much??
1. As I said before, they projected mature image..
2. They ARE seriously good dancers!
3. They have amazing vocals.
4. They have good live perf (noted: not all singers sing a good live songs..)
5. Super sexy..Their bodies are healthy..not scary skinny..
6. I can't get them out of my head!!!
7. I'm 24 and yet I didn't look even a minuscule as pretty as them.. 

Chua chua chua chua chua chua!!! (hyperventilating)
They really gave good description on them..I don't because I only focus on why i like them... (ye..saya shellfish selfish..so what??)
bang bang bang!
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