Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Perfect Blue~

In sync with my current mood right now (down with the blues)..I'm crazily trying 3 different brands, specifically blue/turquoise nail colors.. 

The first candidate: TheFaceShop Nail Color BL606

When it comes to nail colors, TheFaceShop has vast varieties of color and when on sales, they're THE BEST bargain you could ever ask... Most of my nail colors loot consist of those from TheFaceShop.. At first they're on 50% sales for members (which of course I hauled lots of them..please pray my dad didn't red my blog) and then they have this 3 nail colors for only RM12 (plus free pretty organza bag)..I like the blue color, but it does not really satisfied me, so I try....

The Skin Food  Nail Vita BL514

Like I said before (thousand times to be exact..haha), I fell in love with their packaging which drove me to buy them even though they're quite pricey than TheFaceShop..And ho ho ho ho...I love the color..But the search is not over yet, while I was out with my colleague, I spotted.... 

Elianto Nail Color 27

It was cheap, so I bought it..The color is nice but it's too light for my liking..Urm no no no..the search is NOT over..but for the moment, I like The Skin Food Nail Vita BL514..

Now...............if only I can change my mood color from blue to something cheerful.. T_T