Thursday, January 20, 2011

Macaroons oh macaroons~

How do I know the existent of macaroons? "Well,gather around boys and girls!! it's time for Anne's special"...hahaha..
I was playing with Baking Life on Facebook where I have to cook the macaroons..I was like,what the heck macaroons are? So asked Uncle Google and wallaaa...
Uncle Google spurted out these fabulous pictures..My sweet tooth is craving for them already!

And I wondered, are they difficult to be found in Kuala Lumpur?? Because I never seen them before in typical bakeries..So guys,any info where I can sink my teeth on these yummylicious macaroons..please please lemme know ya..I did found several blogs which sell homemade macaroons like this one, Bite me!..but I would prefer to try them in commercial bakeries first..You know..the first taste and impression..hehe..
Arm with maps,car and cash (for fuel and lots of mcaroons of course!)..I wanna go to Levain Boulangerie Patisserie at Jalan Delima off Jalan Imbi..
The selections there..T_T
In love with the packaging!
Credit: Strings of Memories
Oooh...I can't hardly wait..
Dreaming of eating macaroons..