Wednesday, July 11, 2012

K-Pop Quiz: Kidnapped From Vee

I kidnapped this from my fellow Playgirlz here...
Look so interesting I've decided to give it a go..
Since I'm a 'makcik' who loves to babble, I added my own 'makcik meleter' segment below at each answer..Hahaha..

Kpop Quiz … and you should do it too!

1. First KPOP Group?
Super Junior
*2010 luurrrvess..dulu sangat sombong dengan k-pop*
2. First KPOP Song?
Sorry Sorry (Answer) - Super Junior
*budak sombong dengan kpop terdiam menganga dengar adlibs Yesung dan kekacakan Suju memakai kot sambil bajet businessmen..pergghh!*

3. Favorite Male KPOP Group?
Super Junior & Nu'est
*I have to list two because I love them both..cannot choose maa*

4. Favorite Female KPOP Group?
*my one and only..touching sorang2*

5. Favorite Solo Artist?
*gelak rasa bersalah*
6. Favorite KPOP Song?
Super Junior - Sorry Sorry (Answer)
*forever a favourite*

7. Favorite KPOP Music Video?
Big Bang-Fantastic Baby
*It was such a weird video that I like it so much*

8. Favorite Ballad?
Super Junior- Sorry Sorry (Answer)
*kena explain jugak ke??hahahaha saiko*
9. Catchiest Tune?
Infinite - Paradise
*love it the moment I hear it..That's how Infinite came into my kpop world*

10. Best Male Dancer?
Exo-K Kai
*first time I saw him, first thing I noticed is his immaculate and sharp dance movements*

11. Best Female Dancer?
Park Kahi
*There's no other for me..yet*
12. Best Male Vocalist?
Super Junior Yesung
*Did I tell you his voice was the reason I fell into kpop world?*

13. Best Female Vocalist?
Sistar Hyorin
*never notice it until I saw a fanmade video comprising of her live singing, I was mesmerized*
14. Best Male Rapper?
Big Bang TOP
*I always think he is cool*

15. Best Female Rapper?
2ne1 CL
*not a fan but I think she's good*

16. Best Male Leader?
Super Junior Leeteuk
*no doubt..verified everywhere..even on tv*

17. Best Female Leader?
After School Kahi
*no doubt again as she is the backbone of After School*

18. Current song you’re listening to?
Super Junior - Sexy, free & single
*keep replaying Yesung & Kyuhyun's parts*

19. Previous song you’re listening to?
After School - Flashback
*I can't wait nae maeum imi need to explain further*

20. Next song you will be listening to?
NU'EST Action
*no Youtube, I hate you*

21. Current KPOP Group addiction?
NU'EST, After School & Super Junior
*the only things I care about*

22. Current KPOP Song addiction?
After School Flashback, Super Junior Sexy, free & single and Infinite The Chaser
*I keep replaying them 6-7 times a day*

23. Female KPOP Idol bias?
Jungah ( After school )
*everyone is well aware of my Jungah obsession*

24. Male KPOP Idol bias?
Baekho & JR ( NU'EST ), Woohyun ( INFINITE)
* many to be for Suju, my bias towards Sungmin started to waver, so I've decided not to put his name *evil*

To be honest, almost half of the questions I left untouched because we shared the same obsessions. After School & Nu'est..
I feels like meniru from Vee..hahaha
*ah well, vee does not have 'makcik meleter'segment..
I just added it to make it fresh..
And supaya tak nampak sangat meniru..Hahaha..