Saturday, June 16, 2012

AFTERSCHOOL - Flashback (Teaser)- It's is finally out!!

The teaser is finally out!!!
It is just like I'm hoping for and imagine..
Just praying very hard I don't become a full-time lesbian because all of them are sexy and pretty....and and..I just lost for words!
Now just wait 'impatiently' again for their full MV..

Is it me?

It is kind of frustrated when the people so important to me think that they're not satisfied me in most aspects..
The conversation, the performance etc...
Is it me??
And I thought I already tried my best..
I feels tired already...
Is there anyone out there who can accept me as I am??
A bit of a weirdo, nerd and anything that is not perfect.. 
Well, apart from my family...
They've been tolerating with the weird me since I was brought upon into this world and still adore me like crazy..
I might as well wait for Vee to post me AS teaser to cheer me up..
Today, no picture...
Just senseless words..
Goodnight peeps!