Friday, December 21, 2012


Things have been going wrong for me..
The relationship, study, financial, career and physical.
The dreams, the goals, the ambition are slowly slipping away from my grasp.
I'm envious, looking at others.
I'm started to feels like a loser..  
But I'm not here to point fingers. 
Because these failures were nobody's fault, except mine..
So instead of weeping like I'm going to the Korean drama casting, I must do a self-reflect. 
Hope things are getting better in future because no, I will never give up. AMIN~


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Journey on Becoming A Playgirlz

p/s: It is not the promiscous playgirl, it is the After School fandom name. Better clarify first before my poor mom suffer from a heart attack thinking her daughter is the actual playgirl ;p

I was watching a rerun episode of Inkigayo yesterday where After School still promoting Flashback. And I still have the same goosebumps attack as when I first watched their comeback. And then, I feel proud calling myself a Playgirlz.I feel proud watching After School performing on stage.

I found myself reminiscing the moments when I acknowledge their existence, taking interest in them, memorizing all members, humming to their songs, called myself a fan and finally choosing my bias.

2010: Getting To Know After School

1. I was introduced to k-pop.
2. Crazy over Super Junior.

I was watching Star Dance Battle at that time and was rooting for Suju. While waiting, I watched others. That time, AS was against SNSD. I still remember how amazed I am watching their movements and started shooting lotsa questions to my friends who are much more familiar with k-pop. Trust me, I only knew Suju, SNSD and DBSK. T____T

Since AS is not as famous as SNSD, my friends knew so little about them except Uee since she is once part of WGM. 

Watching the dance, I went like "OMG OMG OMG!!"..They are really good, creative and powerful especially Kahi..She is

Then, unsatisfied, I look for more After School dance videos. Major salute to them, they were really good in dancing. And I started thinking, why don't I check their songs and videos too.. 
Here, at this very moment, I started my journey alone as most of my k-pop loving friends are not interested in knowing After School. 

Next, I've checked their latest single at that time, Bang!. Honestly, Bang! does not leave any significant affect on me. The song was so-so. Not something that I would listen again. But, I kept coming back watching their MV, because... 
1. I really really like the girls' images
2.Their dance routine (because I keep checking their live perf)
2. UEE (yes, at that time I think UEE is the most beautiful)
3. Bekah alluring gaze (I wrote about it here)
4. Raina's adlib

The journey continues when I decided to know and memorize every members and I've started digging back their past songs and MV. Here, where I started to fall for Jungah.

2011: From Interested to Love and Meeting a fellow Playgirlz

Here, I've declared myself a Playgirlz as keep updating myself with their latest news, comebacks, variety shows and pictures. In other word, I've become obsessed. I started to forget Suju. :(

 I started blogging about my love to them and here, my fellow Playgirlz and blogging buddy, Vee left a comment on my chatbox "All hail After School".. I've become super excited!! Yes! A living Playgirlz!! Trust me, being at my place, knowing another Playgirlz/Boyz, will excites you.

But things started to look bleak when they announced that Bekah is graduating. At first, I 'thought' I can accept this graduation and admision concept. But when one of your bias is 'actually' graduating, it hurts so much that I thought:
1. Am I going to remain being a Playgirlz?
2. How am I to accept other rapper except Bekah?

I even feel a wee bit down when I heard Bekah's part was being taken over by others. I felt empty, really. As if something is missing, not right.
But because I'm still crazy over Jungah and the rest of the girls because they are extremely gorgeous, I still jumping up and down everytime I watched their performances and videos!! Their dances excite me. Their songs haunting my ears. I keep humming them.

2012: I'm a TRUE Playgirlz

Again, I received another bad news. Kahi is graduating. AS dancing backbone is graduating! And she is my 3rd bias. What will become of After School? One of the reason After School is known is because of the Kahi's dancing abilities. And of course UEE.. Is this the end for After School? 

I pray very hard that it is not. They are talented and they deserve the limelight. Here I've decided, with or without Kahi, I will become hardcore Playgirlz. I will support them.
Surprisingly, I was super duper impressed with After School's comeback and I did not miss Kahi one bit. I even despise those who laments "It is not the same without Kahi" bla bla bla.. Get over it! Love AS as one. Kahi is my blogging buddy main bias and she is not affected that much. She even managed to find herself a new bias (E-Young).
I know, one day, Jungah will graduated, because deep in my heart, I want her to have a solo career as it is her dream to become a performer. That's why you never see her pursuing other activities like acting. 

And I've started going gaga over new AS member, Kaeun. Vee is right, it does helps when you have more than one bias.

Here also, I've started rooting for Orange Caramel. Usually, I despise cutesy concept, but because of AS, I've started liking OC

This is what I meant when I say I love AS as one. Cutesy or sexy, I heart them. Every single member.
And I'm never bored with Flashback. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Be Careful 2

Remember my story here??
Well two days ago, my colleague, alone in the shop during her morning shift, was a bit unlucky as she lost her Xperia phone.
That time she was attending an innocent male customer when a Malay male came in and wandered around and went out. The very next minute, she found that the phone that she had partially hidden between the books, has been taken. In just a mere minute!!
Angry, she called her phone almost immediately and that fool actually answered the call.
I think he was having trouble unlocking the phone at that time but never cross my mind that he will actually answered the call.
My colleague treaten him and asked him to bring back the phone to her right now.
Well, of course he is not bringing back the phone back. In 5 minutes, the phone was shut off. I figured he already found the way.
So the lesson here:
1. Please please please be careful, this may sound like a small matter but what if this involve something bigger like your life? Better safe than sorry. Better be paranoid than 'terkena'..
2.If you own an android phone, better download an app that will detect the location of your phone through the net.
Just for the sake of sharing.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Review: SKARF Oh! Dance

I was watching Inkigayo when this group made their debut with Oh! Dance... The first thing I noticed are their awkwardness and lack of strong vocal. But the song is so light and fresh, I can't get them out of my head. I keep humming the "oh oh ooooh oh" part. And I'm kinda hooked with their simple choreography. And I googled their MV! Haha.. Not a strong debut but the song is catchy enough to catch my attention. And both Singaporeans catched my eyes too..Oh, I don't like their cutesy image. :(

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Be Careful~

Ini kisah benar untuk dikongsi... 
Hari ni aku nyaris-nyaris kena rompak.
 Dalam pukul 12 tengahari macam tu, aku sedang brunch. Yela lapa gile kot, takleh tahan.
Time tu aku tengah charge handphone aku.
Walaupun bukan iPhone, tapi kalau jual, memang ada harga la..
Salah aku, charge hp, letak dalam laci terbuka.
Then, ada satu lelaki cina masuk (bukan racist ok), tanya macam-macam soalan tentang product. Dia try la, itu la, ini la.
Dengan kata lain, dia nak bagi aku busy.
Allah swt nak tolong, aku terbagi tumpah cream sangat banyak atas tangan dia.
Dah krim tumpah, mesti la kena bagi tisu lap kan? Takkan nak suruh dia jilat sampai licin? Ingat tu whip cream ke?

Aku toleh je nak ambil tisu, tengok ada sorang lagi lelaki cina ada belakang kaunter, lagi sikit je nak sampai ke cash drawer. 
*buat apa belakang kaunter tu cik abang? Nak curi makan nasi ai kerrr?*
Dia terkejut tengok aku tetiba toleh, terus dia berpura-pura tanya tentang produk and cepat-cepat keluar kedai.
Aku tak berani nak tunjuk hebat sangat soal- siasat, bajet Sarjan Misai, sebab aku sorang je yang jaga kedai. 
Karang dia panggil geng-geng serang hendap masa kat parking kereta, naya.
Handphone aku, dari cover terbuka, dah tertutup.
Aku pasti cover tu terbuka sebab aku tengah main game *ok kantoi main game masa kerja* sambil makan masa cina tu masuk.
Maknanya kalau aku terleka seminit lagi, memang lesap la handphone aku.
And kalau aku terleka 5 minit lagi, mungkin duit kaunter pun akan hilang.
Cina  yang first tadi, terus jadi kurang friendly, tapi still tanya soalan lagi, (mungkin nak cuba lagi), tapi mata aku dah macam salamander, sikit- sikit tengok kaunter.
Dia give up, and keluar.

Mungkin tak ramai yang akan duduk di situasi yang sama macam aku, tapi pengajaran di sini, jangan terleka dan sentiasa berjaga-jaga. Jangan tertipu dengan penampilan orang lain. Serious, cina kedua yang masuk dalam kaunter rupa macam bapak mithali.

Just be carefull guys....

Monday, August 27, 2012

A Letter To My Readers (Attn: Vee)

Dear readers,
*Bajet Mat Salleh* I'm so sorry I'm unable to update my blog as I'm on Raya holiday for a week *and no time for internet* and the moment I'm back to work, my company is organizing an event which I'm even unable to sit down and eat . I eat lah..I eat 2 spoons, do work, eat 2 more spoons and work..and the cycle continued for 3 days. And today, I will draft one raya entry. Nak show off baju raya yang biasa-biasa je. Kikiki..
Dear Vee (because apparently she is my loyal reader),
I've missed out most of your updates and PLEDIS updates. T___T..I will try my best to cover everything starting today because yours is the first site I
*Sedar diri ini Melayu*..Tahniah kerana berjaya membela 2 kucing sekarang. Eh? Sup Peting Yue tu, Melayu boleh makan ke? I mean, bukan la sup dibuat dari your 'Peting Yue' tu..Hahaha..Sekarang sudah ada tambahan 9 nyawa, boleh la hari-hari menonton kekacakan Nu'est dan kecantikan After School.. Hehehe..
Tapi, I tetap aware dengan new OTP, UEE and Kaeun sebab I sangat gila Kaeun sekarang. Dia No 2 selepas JungAh. Habes GIFs and pictures Kaeun I download. XD
New Header sekarang?? Sebagai orang yang busuk hati, I akan challenge header baru u..Mana aci you sorang je ada header baru, I pun nak jugak!! Ngeeee..
Hal Kara Pandora, betul la apa yang U reviewed, tak catchy sangat macam Step. Nasib baik Gyuri tu gorgeous nak mati, so sudah ulang 2 kali. Tapi lagu tu tetap tak dapat nak tawan telinga I lagi.
Keep in touch ya!!!
Love you guys ketat-ketat,

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All About Super Junior: Semi Nude Donghae

Hae-sshi revealed his yummeh body while changing into his patissier uniform during the shooting of his upcoming drama Miss Panda and Mr Hedgehog..

Oh mai mai mai...
What an eye candy..
My lucky eyes have been CLEANSE very very very well..
How I wishes very hard I'm at the shooting scene to see 'this' live..

Eh??? Lupa tengah puasa..
Now i sounds like a perv..
Who does not??? Looking at a hunk like this.. ;p

Credit: Sup3r Junior

Saturday, August 11, 2012

So Full of Myself Episode 6: Fasting Month

I've kind of on temporary hiatus from blogging world for a while.
Fasting sure zaps my energy very fast even though I'm taking Blacksmore's Executive B daily.
I have to juggle my work and studies at the same time. My study due date is nearing and I have to finish it a.s.a.p...
And my August life does not really agrees with me.
Apart hectic schedule, I've been facing some problems/drama *ekekeke*..
These episodes did sucked all my mood.
But today, instead of more weeping and self-destructing thoughts, I've decided to move on and make myself happier. :)
So please look forward for happier Anne-J
*possibly more wacky..hahaha*
So please enjoy my 'buka puasa' meals.
I have this nasty feeling that I'm going to gain more weight during Ramadhan instead of losing some. Tsk tsk tsk...

KFC Green Curry! Surprisingly good!
Kenny Rogers' aftermath!!

And look who is in my wallet now!!! Ekekeke..

I'm sorry Siwon-sshi..But I'm sooo over you. We did have great times together. Remember every time I opened my purse, people seems to think that you are my SUPER HANDSOME boyfriend???? Hahahahaha... *saiko*
I've moved on to younger guy. *fanfiction again*

Thursday, August 9, 2012

All About Nu'est - Minhyun Turns 18

Today, Malaysian time, my Nu'est second bias, Hwang Minhyun turns 18 (Korean age) years old!!
And I feel so old........again..hahaha..

Saengil chukha hamnida Minhyun-sshi..
The straight and narrow guy..
Supposedly to have that icy-cold and mysterious aura but turns out to be very warming *and a camera-whore*, nerdy and cheeky guy..
And a very pretty 'girl' too.. ;p

Nu'est official fan cafe has change their layout to commemorate the handsomest and tallest Nu'est member's birthday, Minhyun.
So does Champest!

Credit: Champ'est

Champ'est new layout

Credit: Champ'est

Credit: Champ'est

Oh Minhyun-sshi, you make others look like a a dwarf..Haha..
May God bless your soul and keep fighting!



Thursday, August 2, 2012

So Full of Myself Episode 5 - It's Ryohei Kato Again~

When I first look up for Ryohei Kato's information and obviously pictures of him 5 days ago, there were near zero info and pics on him..
Now today, I tried to look again and hooowoooowwwoo!!!
He is all over Tumblr.. There is a Wikipedia entry on him (not that much but that is not the main point)..
They even found his Twitter account and Facebook page!! *Thank God,hihihi..Now I can stalk him even more*

How on earth did I noticed about this sudden stardom of Ryohei Kato?? I'm no famous blogger, I believe I'm among the first to blog about him and in mere 4 days, this is the view on my post regarding Ryohei Kato.

600++ views!! *facepalm!*

I've followed him on Twitter..Hahahaha..Obviously I understand absolutely nothing. Time to learn some Japanese words! Hehehe..
Obviously, he casted the same effect on me on the other girls as well. We're enchanted!! Someone even suggested to start a fandom! i could not agree more! Hahaha...

Here are more pictures of him which I jacked from the Tumblr.

They even compare him with a celeb (Ikeoka Ryousuke)..Told ya!
Credit: aokinsight

Credit: kaying34

Congratulation to Japan gymnastic team for winning silver at London 2012 Olympic. Ryohei Kato, you're one of hell gymnast. Keep it up. No doubt you will succeed! I'm always here to support and *ehem* ogle..Hahaha..

So Full of Myself Episode 4 - My Nu'est Album is Here!!!

I was covered with goosebumps and was spazzing when Valoa Records emailed me informing that my Nu'est album has reached their place on Saturday.

I immediately danced!!! Thank God no one is around to see my 'famous' thought-I'm-a-sexy-dancer-but-actually-I'm-wriggling-like-worm dance..Haha!

I actually expected the album to reach me in mid August. 
So please imagining how excited I am to know that my love had reached earlier than I thought. Yes!!!!

I have reviewed Valoa Records services here. Please do visit.

Meanwhile, I wanted to show off my album!! 

Please be very very jealous ok! hahaha..I got charismatic leader photocard. JR is f*****g cool here! Actually, I was rooting for gorgeous Minhyun photocard but nevermind~ 
Now off to listen to my album and ogle the album's photobook! hehehe..
Oh!!!!! My free poster!!

Dreamy dreamy dreamy!!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

So Full Of Myself Episode 3 - Ogling Ryohei Kato

I was watching gymnastic artistic Olympic 2012 qualifying round yesterday.
Ehehehe, during sport events session, the games I usually watch are gymnastic (both artistic and rhythmic), synchronized swimming and diving.
I just love watching all those impossible moves*for me, I'm no gymnast* made and perform by the athletes.
I was ogling the biceps of US gymnasts *ahahaha, I'm honest ok* when the camera focus on Japan's gymnast Ryohei Kato.
I went like 'OMG! *facepalm* He's beautiful!'
And started fangirling all over him and pissing someone for going gaga over muscle men.. Muahahaha.. I forgot the US team.  >__<


Honestly, he could be easily mistaken for a Japanese celebrity. Just compare him with the of the rest of the gymnasts.  

The downside?? He is f****** 18 years old!! *facepalm again*
What is wrong me?? Salivating over younger men..A.G.A.I.N.. Sigh..
In fact, he reminds me of No Min Woo.

Don't worry, it's ok for me to go gaga over No Min Woo because he's an oppa.

A little bit of Ryohei Kato's info I digged

DOB : 09 September 1993 (Numazu, Japan)
Height : 162 cm
1. Brought up in Soka, Japan.
2. Father - Hiroyuki Kato is the coach for Japan National team for gymnastic)
3. Mom - Yumi is a former gymnast
4. Mom claims he is lively (amazing because he looks shy and quiet to me)
5. First-year student at Juntendo University

The dad/coach

Hope he does well in Olympic 2012. :)


Opinion Piece: The Pros and Cons of a Playgirlz/Boyz

*NOT MINE but I totally agree with this and I can relate myself with JungAh*

PLAYGIRLZsome say they are the most silent fandom
some say they are the most civilized one
some say they are the friendliest
and some say they are the most approachable.

It’s quite flattering to read/hear those comments towards Playgirlz…
but what is a ‘Playgirlz’ to a Playgirlz’s points of view?

A Playgirlz says to me that we are the strongest emotional fandom which I strongly agree. Playgirlz is one, if not most, emotionally battered fandom.

After School: the reason behind Playgirlz’s existence and vice-versa.

Everyone knows that After School has this unique admission and graduation system. A system that is hard to accept but has to be.

Debuted on January 2009, After School has graduated 3 students and admitted 5 students since then. 5 times the happiness, 3 times the sadness. But those 3 times is a lot, especially the last two. It almost breaks us. Almost. But it didn’t. It makes us stronger.

I must say Playgirlz/Boyz lives in fear and anticipation. Fear that one member will suddenly graduate anytime and anticipation for future members.

Playgirlz are frustrated. Frustrated for the fact that, admit it or not, After School is still underrated.

It’s usual for us, Playgirlz, to hear/read praises towards them because of their unique concepts and awesome stage performances but that’s just it.

We actually didn’t care anymore whether they’ll win an award or not because we’re aware of the fact that Korean music charts are manipulated by big entertainment agencies.

But we sure love it if they’ll win an award they deserve, that’s why B.O.Y era is the most glorious era for us.

Playgirlz also has this love-hate relationship with Pledis.

Playgirlz sure loves Pledis for giving us these talented girls, but hates it (Pledis) too for giving After School such system.

Graduation might be the cruelest concept but we should know that through this concept, our bias group will live longer… longer than the most famous group there is.

Technically, the average life span of a group is 5 years. Just 5 freaking short year, but we must not need to worry about that.

With the admission and graduation system, it gives us a relief than even after the original members graduated, even after they got married and have a kid and even after us, Playgirlz, move on and leave our fangirl/fanboy life, we’ll still see a girl group named AFTERSCHOOL performing on stage, strutting their stuff and showing off their talents.

But then again, a mere system isn’t enough; there should be solidarity within the group. It’s essential. And again, we should not worry about that.

After School consist of girls with different age and personality, but that does not hinder them from having this close family ties relationship.

Never did we saw, even once, a wall between them. It may still look/feel awkward for newly added members to blend in and adapt at first, but the older unnies made sure they won’t feel any awkwardness or the feeling of being an outcast, and the best example of this is Uie.

Uie is known for being the strictest member next to Kahi, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t approachable cuz in fact, she’s the one who guides Eyoung and Kaeun when they first joined the group. Being the bigger unni, she did everything for those girls to feel that they belong and that they’re family.

Also, one strong advantage this group has is that they have a strong foundation, foundation that Kahi herself created. Kahi may not be in the group anymore but that doesn’t mean that she stops looking out for her babies. After School is her life. She builds it as if she builds a home for her family, strong and solid.

Another thing is that they got strong adviser and peace maker, JungAh. JungAh may not be the strongest/biggest person in the group but her presence alone calms the younger member. Make them feel safe.

Each member has a different personality which is essential in this group. they may be girls with different personality but together, they’re so right.

I know these girls won’t stay forever in After School but I’m pretty sure they’ll pass this legacy to the future AS members.

Having the chance to see your bias groups even after 10-20 years have passed…

I’ll conclude that Playgirlz and Playboyz are the most blessed fandom.

xoxo [roxylicious28]

Harry Potter Hogwarts GIF Challenge

I jacked this from angieflauta@tumblr...
It looks interesting so I give it a try.. :)

The 7th gif in your folder is you receiving your Hogwarts acceptance letter
*hahahaha..I'm running awaaay*
The 12th is your parent’s faces when you tell them:

*Happy to finally get rid of me? T__T*
The 2nd gif in your folder is your reaction to Platform 9 3/4:
*spying the platform first..hahaha*

The 20th is you trying on the Sorting Hat:
*Meaning I wear Sorting hat EVERY day?? omg! @__@*

The 31st is your best friend at Hogwarts:
*Oh dear!*

The 4th gif in your folder is you learning to fly:
*But I ended up fooling around*

The 8th Gif is you at the Yule ball:
*I think I drink too much*

The 36th Gif in your folder is your Boggart
*my worst fear is aegyo from handsome men? Fat chance! Hahaha*
The 23rd is you visiting Hogsmeade for the first time:
*split personality*

The 30th is you returning home for Christmas:

*aiyoh, I should be jumping!*

The 41st is you finding out about Voldemorts return:
*OMG,I'm happy! Even did aegyo?? @__@*

The 18th Gif in your folder is your reaction to Umridge’s appointment as Hogwarts High Inquisitor
*Naaaah, I don't give a damn*

The 13th Gif in your folder is your reaction to Dumbledore’s death

*Hahaha, I'm a hypocrite!*

The 22nd is you finding out you failed one of your N.E.W.T.S:

*Again, I don't care..Haha*

The last gif in your folder is your reaction to defeating Lord Voldemort:

*Sleeping?? I should be celebrating! >__<*

For some weird reasons, my challenge hits on spot. As if I'm telling a story because they're related to each other.
Me, who did not want to go into Hogwarts but my parents were celebrating to see me go, so once there, I don't give a damn and being mischievous..Hahaha..
But I really did my challenge honestly..
*puasa puasa tak leh tipu okay!*
Credits: To the owners of gifs
If you happens to recognize your gif, please let me know, I will credit you guys properly.