Monday, February 6, 2012

My Best Friend Wedding: Wahida Biased~

Alas~My best friend since high school is already someone's wife..
Time does fly really fast..
We've been friend since primary school but starting to get close at the age of 16...
And the friendship blossom when we started working together at McD..
Then entered matriculation together at Kolej MARA Kulim..
One of the memorable deeds of hers is staying beside me 24/7 when I'm just recovered from chicken pox...
That time, I still have my scars...
Even though the doctor said it was safe for my friends to be near me, but people still avoided me like plague there..
And there she was, next to me,looking cool as ever..
Not afraid to be near me even though it was final exam time..
When I asked her "Tak takot ke kena jangkit?"
Her answer is "kalau dah nak kena, redha jela"
And I love her even more since that moment..
And not to mention every little details, happiness and tears we shared throughout our friendship...
There is no replacement for you Wahida...
*ok..emo la pulaaaak..*
Congratulations my dear....
May Allah bless you and husband..
Best friend forever..


Date: 3 February 2012
Venue: Her house, Penang

Wahida and husband

The bridesmaids a.k.a BFF

Me and U

Camwhoring while waiting

Penang Reception

Date: 4 February 2012
Venue: Pan Mutiara, Penang

The Arrival

Outdoor photoshoot...
Tak dapat kawin, dapat berangan pakai tanjak pengantin lelaki pon ok laaa..hehe
The handwork of Mimi and Arie..thanks my dears..
To Wahida:
Sorry sangat sebab aku tak dapat nak involve and tolong untuk persiapan wedding hang.. Truly regret it..I'm happy for you love..
*tears T_T*