Sunday, November 17, 2013

My Current Addiction: K-Pop Songs

I'm a hardcore Playgirlz and Baby..
But I'm also up to something new, different for my player.
I've keep replaying these songs in my car, my player and watching the MVs countless time in my tab..

Troublemaker - Now

Well, my first thought is, it is waaaaaaay too 18sx for kids/teens (duh, of course not for me *big smiley teeth*..I'm old enough to be a mother of two -_-"").
Not the typical cutesy, innocent and 'keeping it safe' kpop style I'm used to..
But I found myself coming back for the MV, well because it was different and HyunA is really attractive and daring and I started to like her.

I don't really care if this MV is stirring controversy. If the purposes is to be different and attracting more attentions, I have to say, they're doing it well. They're conquering the charts, winning the music shows and more than 10 millions hit on Youtube in just two weeks. I strongly believe people keep coming back to watch the clip for them to talk/criticize and I'm one of them.
Now the song is a candy to my ear.

Tiny G - Miss You

There is only 2 words to describe this:


I fell in love with this song the first time I heard them.
Next, I repetitively watching the MV and warming up to the members especially J.Min

The song is so simple and fun, I found myself humming to the chorus every time I'm stressed.

Seo In Young - Love Me

I'm never a fan of In Young. But this song of hers is sooo fresh and light, I just have to have it in my player.
I feels like I'm listening to the 1990s pop that I used to love so much. 
No heavy lyrics, just a pure simple 'I fell in love' song.
Not a fan of the MV though. But the song itself is pure heaven.

AOA - Confused

I have to admit, I have to listen to it quite a few times before I eventually addicted to it. 
I keep coming back for the MV because I love looking at beautiful girls, loving the choreography and keep staring at their slim bodies until it makes me hate my body. -__-''.
This repetitive activity of mine leads to me warming up to the song.
I guess music video does play a vital role in promoting a song.

Two X - Double Up

This is actually a 2012 song. I was watching their Ring Ma Bell clip and that MV leaded me to this clip.
I have to say, it was love a first sight and hearing. 
This was their debut song, and was quite an impressing debut. 

Girl's Day - Expectation

Again, I'm always a fan of beautiful girls and sexy choreography.
I'm impressed with this comeback as Girl's Day is usually associated with cutesy sugary sweet concept.
This dark elegant concept of theirs really caught my attention *main reason I ships After School*
The song is simply great and addictive.
Also my another love at first hearing.

A-Pink - No No No

I was watching Running Man, the episode where Gary is a A-Pink 'member', dancing to No No No. Aside laughing my stomach contents out, the intro was great and I went like 'hey, why don't I check out the full version?' 
The MV is overload with diabetic-inducing sweetness but the song is fun. Really. So it earned a place in my player *toothy smile* 

Well, do you guys have any suggestions for new songs in my player?
*oh, I did keep tracks on SM, JYP and YG artists*