Thursday, June 21, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: Eunyuk Teaser

I've been so busy loosing my breath over After School, I almost forgot about Super Junior..
(Shame on you AnneJ for calling yourself an ELF)
So, when the news of the comeback starts circulating, I've started to feels the fever..Exhilarating!

Here's the 1st teaser, Suju dancing machine, Eunhyuk (no no, he's a human, alright not literally a machine..haha)..
I'm here not to be among the first to announce to the world the release of the teaser because obviously I'm way left behind..
(I blame you, the slow internet!)
I'm here to give my comments..

The concept: Sexy, free & single
The exact words to describe this picture is...."this is mind-boggling"
I don't how to describe it..
He looks so carefree..
And he has long hair! I repeat, long hair!!
The 70s inpired hairstyle..even the outfits exuded a 70s inpired aura..
Shaggy and long..
Eunhyuk always has short hairstyle..
Only the chosen color is quite mind boggling..
Now, it's vice versa..
Normal color, mind-boggling hairstyle..
He even wears flowered eyemask, or eyeband or maybe a headband wears as an eye accessory (whatever you called it)..
Nevertheless, the teaser makes me feel so calm..The picture emanates softness and calmness..
Since it's so mind-boggling, I can't wait for rest of the members' teaser and the comeback!!
And please, no more semi-nude Siwon no matter how solid, drools-dripping and drools-worthy his body is...

Credit: Super Junior