Friday, February 25, 2011


I never give a damn about this movie even though I'm a fan of Christina Aguilera (since i was a mere teenager)..To be honest though,I was quite disappointed that she took a dramatic leap from singing to acting..Please bear in mind the-singer-turned-actress disaster movies like Crossroad (Britney) and Glitter (Mariah Carey)..I don't want her to be like them because she's has superb vocal...And I maintained that bimbo thoughts until my labmate recommended this movie and I saw the trailer that I realized that I was being a dope all this while..

The synopsis
Burlesque (well,I'm not going to write about the synopsis..Uncle Google can spit out this info anytime,anywhere)

The Good Note:
Christina Aguilera remained as my idol..As she belted out her powerful goosebumps-giving vocal,I was mesmerized..Such a powerful vocal coming from a petite lady..The songs in this movie are very very good and entertaining..And most important,this movie is NOT soaking wet with dramatic element,which I like very very much..I despise drama..

The Bad Note:
Well,even though I enjoyed watching this movie (and doesn't mind watching it again),this is not a movie that can bag an oscar..The plot is light,kinda disappointing..This movie is not for those who dislike musical..

P/s:This movie is only for 18+ know what I mean..If you bring your boyfie,you may have the tendency to cover his eyes..Hahaha..haha..ha..ehem..fills with racy oufits okay.. =_="

And favourite song from this movie

Christina Aguilera-Express

And their partial video clip,taken from the movie

My rating: 8 out of 10.. :)