Saturday, June 18, 2011

After School: All The Best Bekah~

I was down with cold and flu yesterday..So never wonder I will missed the most upsetting news in my After-School-Loving life...Bekah is graduating..Due to family distress and her desire to further her study in design..True, I'm TRULY upset as she is my favorite rapper..I envy her body shape..Very healthy..And to me personally, she's very beautiful and talented..So sad to see my favorite girl group to lose such an amazing woman..I started to fall in love with her (in a harmless way..hehehe) since I first noticed her in After School's MV Bang! I think she is very beautiful and alluring..I really like her facial expression in that video.. T_T

Reminiscing the first moment I saw her....
Cool right???
Once a favorite, always a favorite
We wish you millions good luck Bekah..
Well, I/we have to respect her wishes and wish her all the best...Gonna miss you Bekah..