Monday, May 24, 2010

Our VAIN search for Super Junior 4th Album...

Even though it was CLEAR to us that Bonamana album haven't arrived YET in Malaysia and we HAVE and MUST (T_T) be patient, kami memang dilahirkan ketegaq bijik (Penang for stubborn). We went to Times Square,trying our luck looking for Bonamana CD and partially lost in Sg Wang Plaza (jarang pegi kot) just to find Victoria _______ .Time tu tak tahu nama, Min just terbaca sekali lalu kat 1 blog ni yang inform kat mana dia selalu beli cd and dvd korea and Min cuma ingat word Victoria, thats all (thanks Min, T_T)..Hahaha..btw, we really search in vain in the chaotic Sg Wang for any shops with Victoria name on it..At last, with guilty feeling I guess (hahaha), she asked for directory from the staff and tadaa, we were given a pamphlet..A PAMPHLET..

We posed really hard as a pair of lost tourist.. XD Please ignored our oily faces and messy hairs. We took aircond-deficient female commuter couch and walked in scorching heat just for the sake of Suju..wuwuwu..

Confused and still determined, even though we look silly (imagine, a pair of local girls,in their own country, with a pamphlet, looking obviously lost and like a pair from The Amazing Race), we managed to find the shop, Victoria Music Centre (triumph!)..It was really hard to find the shop..We had to walk in maze and labyrinth of shops..

Tadaaa! The shop and Bonamana album (with free poster!!)..We practically spasm and lost our tongues the moment we spot OUR PRECIOUS..I feels like crying and jumping around! The staff informed u that Version B will be available next week..Aha! I can't wait, so i just purchased the Version A instead and bore in mind that we will come again next week..To sneak a look at Version B album..teehee..and Kak Mun haven't buy the album yet, soo another solid reason to come back again next week.. :)

K-pop and korean drama fans,please go to this shop,they have WIDE VARIETY of cds and dvds..from the 1st album up to the latest album..They even sell k-pop idols sticker and poker cards..We were like a bunch of kids let loose in a candy shop..

My Precious (both album and Caramel Macchiato)

I've got HeeChul photocard (T_T)..I was hoping for Sungmin, Leeteuk or Donghae photocards..But never's better than my friend's photocard (let it remained a secret..Only the sacred Pearl Sapphire Blue trio covenant know..hahaha )

We celebrated by eating Korean food at The Gardens food court..(yummy yummy)..Haha..from Sg Wang back to Midvalley just to eat korean food..Yes, we're crazy..We refused to eat non-korean food that day (mengada je pun sebenarnya)..

My heavenly bulgogi

Min's yummy nammy bibimbap

My free precious SuJu poster is now proudly hanging up in my room..Well,what's the point of having a poster if you don't hang it right??Yess,I'm eccentric..I did wrapped my poster in plastic so that the color won't fade away..Oh,sods it..My room is facing the sun directly, even my bedspread had loses its radiance..hahaha..

Saranghamnida, Super Junior!!! xoxoxo

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gaga over Korean thingie

Since I get to know Super Junior, I've gone gaga over k-pop and Korean stuffs..Browsing their culture and food!(yum yum) with every nanosecond free times I had (I have many actually..hihi..just to emphasize how crazy I am)..and pleading my fellow Super Junior's crazy fans a.k.a friends to go to Gardens this weekend just to savour korean foods. Bibimbap, jajangmyeon and bulgogi come to our minds (slurps!)..And I have gone twice as crazy as me-looking-for-korean-info while looking for SuJu's info and spends every nanoseconds time I have watching their variety shows and MV 100th times without jemu..hahaha..I'm crazeeee~

Super Junior that I love too much



OMO! I'm feeling hungry already..Can't hardly wait for this weekend..

I'm waiting patiently for their 4th album Bonamana to arrive here in Malaysia..Hurry up!