Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Happy Belated Birtday Kak Mun....Saranghamnida..

Once upon a time..a girl who never realized a few months before her 20-something (umur dirahsiakan) birthday, she will go gaga and head over heels over Super Junior...was born..(eleh kita pun sama..cakap orang).. 19 June...So kami, the goldhearted labmates decided to celebrate her birthday..(goldhearted la sangat..dah la lambat..siap macam2 tipu and mitos bagi kat unnie punya nak suruh dia datang lab 143 yang internet-deficient ni..hahaha)Akak, kami tak mampu nak bagi Super Junior Kyuhyun kat akak...Nama Kyuhyun atas kek pon jadik la eh???
Work of art..Dari angle ni, as if we wrote (oh no no,the girl in the cake shop wrote) Kyuhyun saranghamnida!..

The goldhearted labmates...Wahahaha..Perasan..padahal hati hitam je..hahaha...

saengil chukha hamnida, Kak Mun!! Happy Birthday!!!

Our Mission IS Finally Accomplished.....

Aish..This activity was like loooong time ago (dah bleh start dengan 'once upon a time...')but didn't have time and internet (severe case of internet defiency) to update..Last time, my beloved unnie went back home heart-broken as Bonamana album was sold out..2 weeks after that, the store called her saying the album has arrived..We were sooooo excited that we went there nearly immediately (okay...sebenarnya hari keesokkan). We were extremely overexcited thinking whom photocards she will get..

Tempat lepak yang best walaupun mahal gila yadong! T_T
Sekarang sangat suka sebut yadong sejak2 ni walaupun maksudnya ntah hapa2..hoho...

Unnie with all her purchases!!! She extremely happy about it..We, the cashless lil' sis planned to lepak at her room and watch the DVD she bought.. T_T

The part we were waiting for....The photocard......................
Haha..The case of Shindong's curse!!!
She got Shindong's photocard for Version A and....

Cute little Ryeowook's photocard for Version B. This card immediately cured her second heartbroke (for getting Shindong's photocard). If she get both Shindong's....All 3 of us confirm pengsan...

Lepas tu pegi makan makanan Korea at Garden's Foodcourt

Basically, makanan sama je..Saja gedik nak camwhore... XD

The girl at the foodstall gave us complimentary Jajangmyeon yang diidam-idamkan kami since EHB..This is the latest addition to their menu, that's why they let us have it for free to know about our opinions..Moderate in taste..quit bland actually,needs more improvements you guys..But thanks for the free jajangmyeon...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

From PERAK with love...

Oh swell, I know it was was supposed to be from Paris with love...Hahaha..Well,at least they shared same initial P..And fyi, I'm not born rich just to splurge on super duper expensive tickets to Paris..Tunggu honeymoon laa..Since I'm on my illegal holiday, my BFF, Endang asked me to accompany her to the state with the richest alluvial deposits of tin in the world in 1980s, Perak (fancy sungguh intro untuk Perak ni..copy ayat wiki aje pon..tapi ubah2 bukan 100% plagiarism..lepas la nak tulis thesis nnti..hihi..)..

She needs to pick up her certs and her noble heart wants to take us makan angin kat Perak..Her mom and her gorgeous cousin pun ikut jugak..We don't really planned this trip properly,so we're not prepared tapi masih ada hati nak masuk Lost World of Tambun Waterpark..Baju mandi takde..Baju extra pun takde..Bajet nak beli je,but once we were there, we were taken aback by the admission price,RM30..Actually it's not that much but adding the cost of the trip itself plus extra clothings that we're going to buy,it's going to cost a lot..Dah la bulan ni bulan sengkek serta poket kering (lagi pun masih ada hati nak beli album Super Junior Don't Don)..Soooo,we ended up chamwhoring with the giant cats outside the waterpark..jadi laaaa (nada sedih gila)..

Cubaan nak mencium kucing gergasi

Pretending to play hide-and-seek-but-failed-miserably with Endang and her mom
(kucing2 tu pun meluat tengok)

Proud owner of MyVi..and proud mother of the proud owner of MyVi

Oh sods it..Of course it's not BMW or Audi R8..We are not blessed with money and we have to work extra hard just to buy a economical car and I'm proud of her..She deserved it..After everything she has been through..Actually,she deserved better but maybe it's not her time yet..She just started her work as a nurse months ago..Hwaiting!!

Proud BFF of the proud owner of the MyVi..more kepada penyibuk je sebenarnya budak kecik ni

After that we tried our luck at Perak Royal Museum..but..sigh..this is not really our day..The museum is closed..Maybe they're doing the spring cleaning..Of all the days they have,why they have to pick TODAY?? T_T

Can only captured the picture from the outside T_T

We are a bunch of very ketegaq (stubborn) women..We crossed our fingers and tried to visit Sultan Azlan Shah's Gallery..Allah smiles upon us..The gallery's staffs decided not to do their spring cleaning today (sarcasm)...Hooo

RM4 per entry

Only managed to camwhore OUTSIDE the gallery.. T_T

Here's the reasons.....

No no no no..This pretty girl has zero to do with the reason why we can only took pictures outside..Pretty picture but wrong coordination and I'm TOO lazy to rearrange back..Huhu

Taadaaaaah!! So mean..Damn!!Because there are soooooo many gorgeous stuffs inside the gallery!!!

Camwhoring lagi..Maksu pun dah terjebak dengan penyakit berjangkit ni..

Anak-anak dara yang gila bergambar (oh my fatty arms T_T)

Sengaja menggedik sebelum balik

That night, I went to visit Pakngah and I was super duper, jaw-dropped shock at the size of his cat Chiko or Ciko or apa-apa bunyi yang seangkatan..His size is gigantic!!!Obese cat..Triple the size of an average adult cat..OMO..I must take his picture..He's very manja too..

Walaupun super duper obese, tapi masih comel..

Another angle just to emphasize how obese he is..

Btw,Endang sayang..thanks for bringing me sight-seeing in Perak..24 tahun hidup,ni la first time jalan-jalan kat Perak..Katak bawah tempurung sungguh..Tu pun masih ada hati nak pegi Korea kunun..Malaysia pun tak habis pusing lagi..Orang tnya,nganga jaa..nama ja orang Malaysia..Mat salleh lagi kenal Malaysia dari I..Anne Jalil..sila insaf!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Infinity Reason Why I Love Super Junior Too Much...

1. Off stage, they are super cute men with super cute personalities and yet they’re very manly. They have indirectly altered my perceptions toward men. I used to think guys like them are gay. Thanks to my culture. (No harm here my culture, *wink wink*)
2.On stage, they immediately transform into super cool men. I can suffer cardiac arrest anytime watching them perform. :D

3.Their songs are super catchy

4.Their dance moves are super (urm, lost for words here) indescribable.

5.They’re waay much more cooler than superman
or any superheroes

6.Last time I went gaga over boy band, was about 12 years ago (remember??Backstreet Boys’ mania??). And I thought I’m too grown up to go gaga over pretty boys again. Well, apparently I’m wrong. I’m ‘a teenager’ again. And loving this feeling again.

7.They made (not literally) you watch and liste
n to them hundred times without feeling bored. Yet, they even made you fall much more in love with them each time you listen and watch them

8.Their loves toward each other are priceless. They made you able to distinguish between gay love and brotherly love. You will fall in love with them all over again and more deeply.

9.They electro magnify you. Seriously. A fan once
wrote on Youtube that she can’t believe that she has 9 lives. She died (not literally) everytime she watched their vids. I seriously BELIEVE her. Haha.

10.I love EVERY 13 members in Super Junior. Even the eccentric HeeChul or fatty Shindong. They splash more colors to the already-colorf
ul Super Junior

11.I used to be bored with the internet. Not anymore. I’ve spent my every nanoseconds free time I have browsing for their latest new
s and pictures.

12.They made me forget my misery. Because I’m too busy focusing on them. Ha-ha.
13.They really appreciated their fans. (Too bad I’m not an ELF or Korean T_T).

14. Oh? That's it?? Oh sods it..Well, I'm pretty SURE that there are sooo many other reasons why I love Suju them, but my mind is in BLANK mode right now.

My own handmade compilation pics of my fav pretty guys.


Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mission Unaccomplished...T_T

Well, I DID mentioned in my last entry that we planned to sneak preview the Version B of Bonamana album. We did..Muahaha..This time we brought along another kipas-susah-nak-mati of Super Junior,Kak Mun..She haven't bought the album yet, so we tagged along and of course we want to see whom photocard she will get..(if LeeTeuk, I will kill her..hahaha!If Eunhyuk, Min will kill her..hahahaha again!)..

Out of blue, suddenly she LIKE LeeTeuk too!!!OMO!! I won't share LeeTeuk with her!!So I did a few vandalisms on her pic..hahahaha!

LeeTeuk yang direbut-rebutkan ini..

Min malas nak layan..janji jangan usik Eunhyuk beliau..

Air three layer tea yang takde kaitan dengan drama mengada-ngada ni tapi nak letak jugak sebab air ni sedap..yummy yummy..

We arrived at Sg Wang (in aircond-decreased-but-not-deficient female couch this time with a few buta huruf males yang naik jugak ladies couch walaupun TERANG BENDERANG komuter dah lekat tanda female only..Hamis betol!)..Dengan penuh bergaya and confident without tanda-tanda kami sesat (last time sesat dengan penuh bergaya) and went direct to Victoria Music Centra with anticipation..BUT......................

Bonamana album, both Verse A and B..get this..SOLD OUT..completely..yes..sold out..Kak Mun tersangat hampa..sebagai tanda nak tunjuk bertambah hampanya perampas LeeTeuk ni, I vandalised her pic again..complete with gray cloud+lightning+tears..sob sob sob....Tapi it's ok..the shop said she can pre-order the album..Dengan penuh harapan and bergaya, Kak Mun ordered BOTH VERSIONS!! Hahaha..Our jaws dropped..literally..

Opposite Kak Mun (lagipun kami dah beli album tu last week..hahahaha)..Min tersangat happy sebab dia dapat beli album Sorry Sorry..(WITH discount!)

Budak a.k.a jurucamera ni tak beli apa-apa..menyebok je..Tapi ada masa lagi nak bergambar tepi U-Know Yunho DBSK..

Air-air sedap ni takda kaitan dengan entry ni tapi still nak letak jugak sebab ni je la stuff yang I beli..Buahahaha...

Budak-budak excited..Berlakon dengan penuh setia bila jurukamera jahat suruh pose..

Tadi sedih..Now tak lagi sebab dia dah order dua2 version..Puas hati beliau!

Sempat lagi dia beli album lain..So that her travel just for the sake of SuJu album doesn't end up in vain..Hahaha..

Wan, Min beli dua album SuJu..Marah dia!!(saja nak dengki Min..tipu je)

Again, budak yang tak beli apa-apa and menyebok ja and bertindak as jurukamera jahat hari tu (sebab takde bajet), gedik jugak nak pose with other people's purchases...

Our journey was worth it (except for a certain girl..ngeee)...Credits to Kak Mun and Min sebab membenarkan I meROSAKkan gambar2 dorang dengan lukisan ala-ala budak tadika..Sebab takde degree in arts and Picasso mesti menangis sayu kalau dia ternampak gambar-gambar ni..Ugly like hell..Well, I buta IT and buta photoshop..There's nothing can be done here..Tahu nak propagate virus je..