Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Waiting Impatiently for After School Comeback

I've been scouring the internet for new songs but most of them doesn't impressed me at all..
So when the news came out...I went (of course!) ballistic!

1 thumb down though,
AS will never be the same again without Kahi as she's my 2nd bias..
She emanates the powerful woman aura that I've always adore..
But still, once a Playgirlz, always a Playgirlz..
(unless Jungah also decides to graduate..I might change my mind..*evil laugh* ok ok ok..I'm kidding!)
I don't care who will become the leader..
Who who will become the main dancer..
I just want to see my favourite girls on stage...
I think most of the Playgirlz/Boyz will agree to this..

Here's Jungah teaser...

She is impressively sexy and gorgey!!! (dear SPM candidates, this is not a proper english vocab..please don't put it in your essay)
She kept her hair long again..just like old times..
(Maybe that's why they called their upcoming single 'Flashback"???)
And her legs are crazingly beautiful..and long..and shining..and gorgey??
(I may become a lesbian now...hahahaha..haha..ha..ok maybe not)
What about other members' teasers??
Go and look them at here la...
I'm only decorating my post with my bias only...
Live long Jungah-eonnie!!
*Evil laugh!*

p/s:Dear mid-June..please come fast..I'll promise will pray for world peace...

Credits: AfterSchoolDaze