Thursday, November 3, 2011

Achieving Healthier Body: My After School Scale

"I believe when you take care of your body, your body will takes care of you back…"

I always feel ridiculously tired by the end of the day, that is simply because I rarely exercise, keep eating junk foods etc *you get the idea*
So I’ve made up my mind to start exercise, less junk food consumption, more plain water etc *you get the idea ~again*

So according to my realistic goals *well~I’m not expecting a fortnight result..pfffft!* and my just-made-it-up After School scale *too much doses of AS perhaps*, first I’m going to firm up my body.. 

No more jelly-slash-pudding arms, legs and tummy... 
*well Kudin, there goes your favorite toys..hahaha..haha..ha..ehem!*

First goal,
Since I have curvaceous body, I’m going to firm them up..Like the body of the former AS member, Bekah..
She has beautiful curvaceous body and she’s proud of it..I’m going to be like her..

Start with weight-training for mediocre and mild jogging-slash-fast walk...
*hey! I can't straightly go for a marathon..I might kill myself..duh!*
As for diet, I will try to stay away from cikedis *a.k.a junk foods* and consume more healthier food and plain water... I will not skip any of the meals..

Second goal,
When I’ve achieve my first goal, I will aim for a slimmer figure like the figure of UEE or Jungah

At this stage, I will go for advance weight training and exercises and my meal sizes will become smaller

Third goal,
My ultimate goal, like I’ve discussed before here, a body like fierce leader Gahee

With all the muscles and curves in place…
This stage will acquire me to fully commit to hardcore exercises and strict-but-not-ridiculous diet..
Well, my friend Vee already achieved the UEE/Jungah’s body, so I’m sooo envious of her..But this also takes a lot of hard work and dedication..She doesn’t simply woke up with that body..
Wish I can achieve a healthier me..Amin~
Any suggestions/ideas/new techniques to share with me???