Monday, September 5, 2011

All About Raya~

Fuhhh!! I've said this before and I will say it again million times...It's been a loooooong time since I've last updated..Talk about major tiredness (I ended up sleeping instead of updating), slow internet connection (well, basically almost everyone will agree that this is the MAJOR turn-off..Totally kills your mood to update) and extreme laziness (it's in my DNA, what to do meeeh..)

Kuih Raya

My mom is making her famous pineapple tarts (which I loooove very much)..She made everything from scratch (including her pineapple jam)..I helped her baked those yummy goodies..Her pineapple jam is not so sweet and she put a very generous helping of jam on top of her tart..And oh, my mom kinda re-create her pineapple tarts..Instead of rolling the dough around the jam, she put the jam onto the dough so that she can put as much as jam as she likes..People started ordering too...RM20 for 75 pieces of tarts..I still thinks it's ridiculously cheap and she said she doesn't have the heart to charge more..hmmmmm....

yum yum yum

Iftar at Secret Recipe

My dad treated us at Secret Recipe Bayan Baru..Choice of my mother and me..Women rules..Hahahahahahaha (Sinchan's style)...The tomyum kung is not that kung (my own word to represent superb)...Prefer the dish at Secret Recipe Cheras Selatan...But the point is....I love hanging out with my family...Thanks dad for the lovely meals.. p/s: he kinda having a heart attack when he looked at the bill..hihihi..we have big family laa~

On our way to iftar
My heart and my soul
Feeling comel~

Since I have no little sisters, I've been experimenting my new-found make-up techniques on my little brothers and giving my mom frequent heart attack..She despise me donning make-up on my brothers' face fearing that one day they will turn into 'sotong' (pre-transgender)...My opportunity came when my little bro, Nabil asked me a Gothic style make-up test as he has a dance performance..Well, my other brother, Nafis, like it soo much that he asked me to do his face too..My youngest brother, asked me to put nail color on his nails..And these of course, gave my mom another heart attack..sigh~ 

Jadik tak??
Nafis and Nabil..feeling gothic
The happy sister~

Wishing everybody Selamat Hari Raya..Maaf zahir dan batin..Forgive me if I wrote anything that might hurt my readers..
Raya sebulan kan??? Kan kan kan??