Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My Favourite Masks

A few months ago, when I do a self-check on my skin conditions, I am genuinely horrified to find that my skin in serious conditions. Acne everywhere, problem eyes, littering with dark spots, very very dull and dehydrated... So armed with money *sobs!!! T_T*, I've started extensive DIY treatments on my skin..I still can't afford to do facial.. :(
So for these few months, I've started with weekly mask sheets and a sleeping mask...
So here I come with my own favorite masks after several trials on different brands...

Favorite Sheet for Oily/Acne-prone skin

TheFaceShop Herbal Therapy Clarifying Mask Sheet
I hauled a lot of them since they're on 30%+5% sale..
Retailing at RM6.90 (normal price), I find it very affordable for frequent usage. The smell is soothing and not overpowering. And you do can see the different after pulling off the sheet. Your pimples are soothed and the redness is reduced..And after frequent usage, your skin does become less oily in appearance. People doesn't believe me when I told them I have oily skin..:)

Favorite Radiance Mask Sheet

The Skin Food Snow Tea Mask Sheet
I'm hooked at the first moment I've tried it. But to make sure I'm not making rush decision, I've tried it three times..And hoooo yeah, I'm truly hooked. Retailing at RM8.90, this mask is not dripping wet with essence when we take it out from the packet. No mess at all. The smell is super nice (kinda musky tea scent, oh come on! I'm not good at describing smell). After patting the essence into your skin, there is no sticky feeling and my face does look a little lively than before. We'll see after a month. :) I just wish it's a little cheaper..Hahaha..

Favorite Hydrating Mask

Hrmmm..I'm still looking for my favorite. But at the moment, I'm using this mask sheet. My face does feel smooth to the touch and a little bit radiance. But what I dislike about this mask is the smell.. Strong ginger smell. I'm nearly choking but for the sake of my dehydrated face, I'm holding on *life and death situation..hahaha..ok gedik*

TheFaceShop Herbal Therapy Healthy Mask Sheet
And I'm yet to try this but currently the mask is out of stick at my favorite TheFaceShop outlet.

Favorite Sleeping Mask

TheFaceShop Raspberry Roots Sleeping  Mask
The beauty consultant once told me it is a best-seller both here and in Korea. And after using it, I believe her! The smell is sooo good and the texture is gel-typed and absorbed easily into my skin without sticky feeling..Next morning after rinsed with warm-water, my skin feel soooo smooth that I become self-obsess with touching my skin. Haha..Months after, my congested pores are significantly reduced in number and my skin become much more smoother, As for the lifting/firming part, I don't actually feel it. Maybe because I'm still young?? *perasaaan*
Even though pricey, it's highly recommended.. :)

Moi sans make-up.. T_T
My complexion after 2 months of mask sheets. The dark spots and occasional pimples are still there..But my skin is smoother, and I can actually see *and experiencing/believing* the radiance especially on my upper cheeks. And the dark circles have permanently become a citizen there..Hurrrmphh!
How about yours??

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Review: The Skin Food Peach Sake BB Cream and Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

Before I start, here are my skin’s conditions so that there won’t be any bias as different skin type will give different results. :)

Skin Tone         : Medium with yellowish undertone
Skin Type         : Oily and sensitive, prone to sweats around nose and upper    lip areas.   
Skin Conditions : Dull, dehydrated, congested pores, fine lines, dark spots (caused by acnes not pigmentation), small pimples, whiteheads, enlarged pores and redness~ *OMG!!arrrgghh*
Eyes                : Complete package! Dehydrated, obvious dark circles, puffiness, fine lines, deep wrinkles, crow’s feet and discoloration

Since I have oily skin, I never stop in pursuit of make-up items that will last longer on my skin without constant touch-ups. So when I stop by at The Skin Food Mahkota Cheras, the Beauty Consultant suggested me to try the Peach Sake Pore BB Cream with Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder. These Peach Sake range is for those with oily skin and enlarge pores..Hmmmm..*so me~*

Peach Sake Pore BB Cream : RM44.90 (affordable)
Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder : RM79.90 (*choking!*)
The BB cream comes in two color, so I took No 2, the natural color. As for the loose powder, there is only one color.

Peach Sake BB Cream in 02 (Natural)

Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
The texture is very light
Blends well..No hideous white streak..But did not really fully cover my vein..Light coverage
My 'dimsum steamer' O__o
See the white streak?? Haiyoh~

Thumbs Up

Peach Sake Pore BB Cream
1. I really like the smell of the BB cream..
2. After a few hours, my make up still intact as if I just apply them
3. No sticky feeling throughout the day yet not drying… I really do feel comfortable
4. Easy to apply...Smooth in texture..Glides on your skin easily
5. Natural finish

Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder
1. I’m hook at the packaging the very first moment I saw them. Reminds me of the dim sum steamer..
2.The scent is very pleasant to the nose..*haha*
3. The powder is very smooth and refined in texture
4. Gave me flawless effect
5. Mattifying effect and non-transluscent..
6.  Oil-controlling properties!! I love how my make-up stay long throughout the day..Finally~
7. Require less touch ups

Thumbs Down

Peach Sake Pore BB Cream
1. Since it only give sheer finish with light coverage, without the pairing with loose powder, I won’t be using it during special events or occasions
2. At first usage, I’m having difficulty pumping out the BB cream. I’ve shake it and pumped it like 100th times before the BB cream is finally pumped out *I’m freak out and nearly in a brink of bringing the BB cream back to the store as I thought it was the faulty tube*

Peach Sake Silky Finish Powder

1. Quite drying. Heads up to those with combination/dry, dry or normal skin. :)
2. Even though I love the flawless finish as well as the scent, I’m not too keen on the color. It’s too light. Over-application of it will lead you to becoming the next failing Chinese opera actress.

Hmmm..tricky one..Although I really adore the mattifying effect, but something is still missing here..No, I won’t repurchase unless I fail in my journey of searching for perfect powder. Teehee~

My face after the application of both products..kinda thick aight?? 
So go slow with the loose powder.. >__<

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Achieving Healthier Body: My After School Scale

"I believe when you take care of your body, your body will takes care of you back…"

I always feel ridiculously tired by the end of the day, that is simply because I rarely exercise, keep eating junk foods etc *you get the idea*
So I’ve made up my mind to start exercise, less junk food consumption, more plain water etc *you get the idea ~again*

So according to my realistic goals *well~I’m not expecting a fortnight result..pfffft!* and my just-made-it-up After School scale *too much doses of AS perhaps*, first I’m going to firm up my body.. 

No more jelly-slash-pudding arms, legs and tummy... 
*well Kudin, there goes your favorite toys..hahaha..haha..ha..ehem!*

First goal,
Since I have curvaceous body, I’m going to firm them up..Like the body of the former AS member, Bekah..
She has beautiful curvaceous body and she’s proud of it..I’m going to be like her..

Start with weight-training for mediocre and mild jogging-slash-fast walk...
*hey! I can't straightly go for a marathon..I might kill myself..duh!*
As for diet, I will try to stay away from cikedis *a.k.a junk foods* and consume more healthier food and plain water... I will not skip any of the meals..

Second goal,
When I’ve achieve my first goal, I will aim for a slimmer figure like the figure of UEE or Jungah

At this stage, I will go for advance weight training and exercises and my meal sizes will become smaller

Third goal,
My ultimate goal, like I’ve discussed before here, a body like fierce leader Gahee

With all the muscles and curves in place…
This stage will acquire me to fully commit to hardcore exercises and strict-but-not-ridiculous diet..
Well, my friend Vee already achieved the UEE/Jungah’s body, so I’m sooo envious of her..But this also takes a lot of hard work and dedication..She doesn’t simply woke up with that body..
Wish I can achieve a healthier me..Amin~
Any suggestions/ideas/new techniques to share with me???


Monday, October 31, 2011

Review: After School Diva (Japanese Version)

Alas~ The long-awaited Japanese version of Diva is finally out…I’m freaking and frigging excited when I watched the teaser..But when the actual PV is out, I’m down right disappointed..No no no..not with the girls *they’re cute as buttons!!* But with the music…It doesn't give the exact climax-reaching *please let go any of sexually-explicit content in your frigging mind* goose bumps when I first watched the Japanese version of Bang! *In this case, I even prefer the Japanese version better*

1. Like I always said, the girls are always, and forever beautiful, gorgeous, pretty etc especially my Jungah-eonni!! Her hair is adorable! Shaving years from her face, making her looks younger…Gahee-eonni , no need to explain further, she’s forever beautiful *wonder if she drinks the elixir of life??*

2. I’m soooo digging their ballet-inspired shoes *I always dream that I can pull this look, but I’m too short…Not to mention my ala roasted-chicken thigh -___-*

3. I love Lizzy’s rap, kinda making-up the fact that I miss Bekah…

4. As for the dance moves, I like them both the Koren and Japanese versions *maybe due to the fact that I adore AS too much and the fact that I think they’re dance goddesses especially Gahee??*

5. Well, even though I didn't really favor the Japanese version, but since AS change the beat, I wouldn't mind putting their song in my mp3...It gives a fresh change every time I listen to my mp3... *well unlike SNSD, or even Suju, the beat is just the same, except the language is different,so I see no sense of putting them in my player since I already have the Korean version*

1. I prefer the Korean version of the tap music. It gives the adrenaline-rush feeling…The Japanese version?? None..I even flabbergasted.  The music didn’t emphasized or focus on the tapping moves..Blinded by the auto-tune sounds.. pfffftt!

2. Like the tap music, I prefer the Korean version of Diva..But I’m not hating the Japanese version though…I can’t bring myself to hate anything associate with After School *talk about hardcore fan*

3. I’m soooo not digging the robotic sound of “Diva”

4. I’m simply re-watching the video just to see the girls…really..

Hmmmm, well..as VEE quote “Yea, changes aren't necessary good, but seeing something different is worth a try . ^_^"

I still love them like hell though..
Hail After School!!
And owh…why I didn’t review the Japanese version of Bang!???
Because there are only two words to describe the video....

 “Pure Awesomeness"
*I’m sooo not used to blogging with just a few words…teeeheee…*

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Perfect Females

I’ve wrote about perfect males, now as an beauty’s appreciator, I should write about my perfect females… All these celebs I listed is based on my awed-at-first-sight experiences..
Sigh, again..Nooo...I don't have any latent homosexual tendencies...
I dream of kissing Lee Min Ho, not Megan Fox *euwwww*
I truly admire beautiful girls slash women…This is totally based on look through MY point of view..

One Malaysian celebrity that I think is beautiful is Ummi Nazeera...

From Nur Kasih..She played the look-as-sweet-as-candy evil sister Sarah*thanks to my mom, I have to watch the show with her*
To me, she has authentic Malay look..I’m not a fan of Pan-Asians’ look…No offense to all Pan-Asians..

Then, another girl is Megan Fox…

When I first saw her in Transformer, I went like ‘meowww'..she’s super hot..I can totally understands why most of the boys slash men go gaga over her..Dark hair, bluest eyes..She’s perfect..But when I saw her picture sans make-up, I’m quite repulsed..huhu..

Park Gahee
Without heavy make-up
No need to explain further with all the brushes in sight..not much different eh?? still beautiful as ever
Like in my previous post, as I admired her beautiful body, I also admire her beautiful face…With dimples, she’s one of a kind..With or without make-up, she’s rock!!

Kim Jungah

I also went gaga over her when I first saw her in AS’s music video Ah! In Bang!, her bowl-cut hair really made her appeared older, definitely doing nothing for her, thus I didn’t notice her at all *only noticed during her famous bang bang bang’s dance moves* She has a very soft and serene facial features, motherly yet gorgeous face, making you feel calm just by looking at her face..She's my favorite AS's member!!

Park Gyuri

Have no qualms when people call her goddess.. :)
Even though I’m not her fan, but I still think she is utterly gorgeous with or without makeup…
How about you guys??

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Free Times???

How do you guys spend your free time when you’re not going out?? Playing games?? Sleeping?? Watching TV??
Well, whenever I'm free...
1. Armed with a cup of Nescafe Gold, I re-read my books/comics/magazines *especially when I don’t have new books to read*

25% of my entire book collection..hehehe..my precioussss *Gollum's way*

2. Watched repeatedly my favorite TV show *not aired in Malaysia due to several reasons*, The Big Bang Theory while slurping Maggie

Tomyum maggi..yuyum..

3. Listen to my favorite songs in my mp3 player *you should see it, I’m a hardcore user that it’s not in a good condition.. ;p*

4. Updating my Facebook and blog *only if I have something to write*

I rarely take a nap *dunno why* and I don’t watch TV *because I don’t own one..I’m staying in hostel mehhh*

Forgive me for my nonsense post..I really do have nothing to write about.. *facepalm*
Have a good night…

To Nazmi…

The rarely smile brother
Imma proud sister *idong kembang*
Congratulation on your graduation day..Sorry I couldn’t be there to celebrate it… May you have bright future ahead…Do it for our parents…They have sacrifice a lot for us…Make them smile and proud.. I’m proud of you my little brother…

Sincerely yours
Your sister

Monday, October 24, 2011

Perfect Male 2

Regarding my ‘Perfect Male’ post, some of my friends went like “laaaaa..ingatkan nak cakap pasal lelaki idaman dia..Rupa2nya just nak cakap yang Lee Min Ho tu kacak”…tersentap mak ayam makcik!! Well, it’s MY blog, so it’s MY right to post anything I want wether my post’s title is related or not with my writing..I can put “Title: Moamar Ghadafi is dead” and write about Lee Min Ho sangat kacak insted..Or “Title:My Favourite Food” and talk about my broken nails instead...

But this does intrigued me to really write about my realistic (nothing to do with daydreaming Lee Min Ho as my hubby) perfect male...

1.  Know his religion very well…When he’s religious, other traits like responsible, caring, loving etc will come along with him…
2.  Loyal
3.  Funny
4.  Talkative (I’m very quiet…surprise surprise)

5.  Lee Min Ho look-a-like Nice to look at [yes..I’m rupalistic (Dalina et al, 2011)]..well regarding this, different people has different opinions, point of views and taste… Some will find Lee Min Ho is not utterly gorgeous like I do…
6.  Educated (I’m very ambitious in nurturing my yet-to-come children..hahahaha
7.  Passionate towards reading (I’m a bookworm..yes
8.  Open-minded (I do like a guy who can lead me to the correct path yet at the same time allow me to do something I like but with limits)

9.  Able to control his anger (a guy who hit me and swear at me, can go to hell J)
10. My shining knight in armour (ok well, this basically translate that he can protect me, not that he has to wear shining heavy metal armour everytime we go out for a date*malu seyh!*)
11. With stable income
12. Zero intimidating body odour
13. Romantic without overdoing it...

When it comes to a relationship:

1. I don’t believe love at first sight (It’s too dangerous laa..we might fall in love with a serial rapist)
2. I believe in becoming friend with the guy first before proceeding to the next level
3. I do tolerate smoker providing he’s tactful with me (well if he purposely blow the smoke at my direction, I will definitely take all his ciggies, stuff in his mouth and lit them all!)
4. I’m not friendly towards male strangers especially the whistlers.
5. My perfect date would be 24 hours snuggling and cuddling…yes,I’m a serious snuggler
6. My perfect place to be is under his *ehem* arms a.k.a ketiak..I feel safe..(Kalau ketiak hapak, bukan setakat rasa tak selamat, rasa macam nak bunuh diri pun ada..)
7. I still think Lee Min Ho is ridiculously hot *facepalm*

We love to cuddle celah ketiak! *cuddle cuddle*

Ok..enough rambling! 

To Nabil,

Masa demam...shiaaan..
To my dear little bro Nabil, happy birthday...May Allah bless you my brother...I love you..
With love,
Your sister

Saturday, October 22, 2011

TheFaceShop Nail Art

Looking at my today's post, it's not an art equal to those by Picasso but we're proud of it..hehehe..Owh well to be honest, it's not a work of mine..Any high class work of art attempted by me would the famous 'orang lidi' or the 'i-supposed-to-draw-a-chicken-but-ended-look-like-a mutilated-cow-instead'...yerp! That's me..defective in creative gene..These were done by my colleague instead..She's good with art..
We utilized everything from TheFaceShop nail collection including their nail dot pen *too bad they only come in 3 color*

Before the tampering with the dot pen

Half-hidden artist and her bimbo specimen *which is me*

The Finished Masterpiece *pergh!*

Pokodot *polka dots untuk orang tak cukup gigi*


Watermelon yumyum..

Strawberry *ala-ala omputih celop*
The 'ask-for-multiple-slaps' Session
When we're proud mommies  of our 'babies' *oh well, these are my nails..I want to be proud toooooo*, nobody....nobody can stop us from doing massive photographing-slash-camwhoring session..hoyeah!

Mommy and baby ladybirds..
Inspiration: Lijin

Friday, October 7, 2011


Actually..I'm out of writing idea at this moment..But one thing surely keep barging in my mind like I'm its summer house...Who is VEE?? Is VEE is a he or a she?  *just found out that VEE is a she* Now, how does she looks like?? Is she is a Chinese?? Malay?? Indian?? Pan-Asian??
Then, what did she do for a living?? Is she a student??
Why?? I'm a scientist wannabe..Of course curiosity is my middle name..Hahaha..*suitable word would kepochi Anne Jalil*
We talked *no I mean communicating online* like we've known each other for many years..We shared same interest in After School *hail AS*..
I always imagined she was like this...

Boram from T-ara *with long hair of course*
I don't know why..This image keep popping in my head..Maybe because she said *ehem..more like wrote* she's small...with Jung-Ah's abs..hahaha..
Sorry VEE..I'm so lame..Pathetic..
Using you as my today's post..
Hihihi..But honestly..
These questions keep popping in my head..
I need to let them out..
Now I can do my works *yeah..full with excuses ;p*

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Perfect Male

Seumo hidup aku, tak pernah la terpana, terpaku (serta meleleh air liur) tengok jantan..Eh tak, aku bukan homo..bi pon bukan..It just that there was never a male celebrity that can truly impress me *ewah gaya cakap tu macam la ko gadis tercantik dunia*

Ryan Reynolds??

*handsome lah!!*
pastu esok lupa dah macam mana rupa dia

Chris Evans??

*bapak lawa mata dia..menusuk kalbu siot!*
esoknya, "eh? chris evans yang mana satu eh?"

Kim Bum??

*dia ni comel sangat-sangat!*
comel je la, tak lekat pun dalam otak

Sekali aku terserempak dengan jejaka ni..dalam drama..
eh?? dia berlakon drama, aku ni insan penonton drama kat laptop je..
Cerita personal taste..hambik kau..termeleleh air liur..
Asyik teringat jeee..tengok dia je, rasa macam ada rama-rama dalam perut..
siap mimpi dia ajak kawen *mimpi je lah..kalo real life, berterabur bijik mata dia tengok aku*
Siapakah jejaka itu??
Jang jang!! 

Lee Min Ho

Ok now let us get realistic here..When I say I like him, bukanlah bermaksud aku nak:
1. Stalk habis segala fanpages dia, download abes segala gambar dia, sanggup pergi korea semata-mata kot kot boleh terserempak dengan dia 
*hek serious bazir masa dengan duit..baik aku tido je*

2. Nak boyfriend muka sebijik macam Lee Min Ho 
*get real..ade keeeeee kat Malaysia ni???*

3. Nak kawin dengan Lee Min Ho sorang je..Tanak orang laen!! *double hek!! pegi la cermin muka tu dulu, setanding Megan Fox ke??Pakai sampai mati la tak kawen*

4. Masa dia datang Malaysia, sanggup bertempur serta bersardin (himpit) dengan orang lain semata-mata nak tengok Lee Min Ho dari jauh..Last-last dapat tengok dia besar kuman je.. *baik aku pegi shopping dowh*

According to the realistic me, I personally think he has the perfect male face..I dunno why..I just felt that way..As for personality, I heard a lot of the evil sides of him..Maybe he has his own reasons for behaving like that or he is just simply vain..As for my future partner, all I'm asking for is someone who can lead me, loyal etc..and owh owh, sedap mata memandang *muka macam sakai boleh buat aku sakit jantung tiap kali bangun tido* Sebab aku kalo bangun tido pun memang maintain muka macam Megan Fox.. -________- 
Eleh, tak payah nak deny la, semua orang rupalistik la..It just that, setiap orang ada citarasa masing-masing..

p/s: Hari ni cuti tapi tahu nak buat apa..so update blog la..tapi tak tahu nak tulis apa jugak..maka lahir la entri merapik ni..mianhamnida.. ;p