Sunday, July 17, 2011

Busy mode: All About Nail Colors~

It has a while been since I've last updated my blog..*aiyooh sudah berhabuk and berkarat olredi* The reason is, since my scholarship had reached its due date, I had to self-finance my master degree from that time onwards..Well, my dad is not a CEO of Kayu Balak Sdn Bhd (a.k.a tokey balak), I have to seek myself a job.. Jan jan!! Now I'm a Beauty Consultant at The Face Shop Jusco Mahkota Cheras..Please do visit me! Hehehe..Now I'm super busy balancing my master research, work and social life..But I'm loving it!! Well, some people asked me, why I didn't look for a job that is related with my study?? I did but then again, if I do work in research company, I'm going to have TWICE the pressure and the workloads I already have in order to finish my master. So I've decided to explore new field..Cosmetic and skin care..
Ok ok enough babbling rubbish..You people are yawning already..Hahaha..I just wanna share my new-found love...MANICURE..I totally in love with the color selection..But then again, when I look at my nails, I've realized I've been neglecting them too long! Besides, I'm working in the lab, what is the point of having nice colored nails when you have to hide them in gloves?? But now, I can wear them so that I can persuade the customers to buy them..Hihihihi..
Here are some of my first attempts, please ignore the messiness yah!

 Using these items, I got these....

Using these, I got these...

Then I used pastel colors with the crack nail color..
The step is simple:
Base coat --> nail color --> topcoat --> The Face Shop crack nail color colections --> topcoat

Yes yes, I knew this was too much but they were on sale..50%..RM2.95 per aight??

Then I apply crack nail color...And yes, it was messy..As I told you guys before, it was my first attempt and I'm still learning..

Having with making new friends with the Skin Food's Beauty Consultant next door, I explored their nail colors and I'm totally in love their packaging and their colors!! Couldn't help to buy them even though they are a bit pricey than The Face Shop..Now now, Etude House is just 2 shop lots away..hahaha..