Friday, October 7, 2011


Actually..I'm out of writing idea at this moment..But one thing surely keep barging in my mind like I'm its summer house...Who is VEE?? Is VEE is a he or a she?  *just found out that VEE is a she* Now, how does she looks like?? Is she is a Chinese?? Malay?? Indian?? Pan-Asian??
Then, what did she do for a living?? Is she a student??
Why?? I'm a scientist wannabe..Of course curiosity is my middle name..Hahaha..*suitable word would kepochi Anne Jalil*
We talked *no I mean communicating online* like we've known each other for many years..We shared same interest in After School *hail AS*..
I always imagined she was like this...

Boram from T-ara *with long hair of course*
I don't know why..This image keep popping in my head..Maybe because she said *ehem..more like wrote* she's small...with Jung-Ah's abs..hahaha..
Sorry VEE..I'm so lame..Pathetic..
Using you as my today's post..
Hihihi..But honestly..
These questions keep popping in my head..
I need to let them out..
Now I can do my works *yeah..full with excuses ;p*