Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Diary and Me

While I was cleaning out my "rubbish' box (because it was filled with junks!), I stumbled upon my 2008 diary and sat down and read it (sigh, there goes my semangat spring cleaning)..And hoooo-boy! The way my 2008-self wrote, I can see that I was soo immature and childish..I laughed at my own foolishness.. I was like a spoiled school girl who didn't get what she wants..Believe me, if this 2008-me IS my little sister, I already tampar her laju-laju..hahaha..

Way too much different from the mature-woman image that I always dream to be..Until now..But there is one thing I've realized, I'm learning and becoming less immature from time to time..I'm not saying I'm mature now, but I'm a lot calmer now..More towards positive and rational thinking..

But reading my 2008 diary, there are a few things that remained unchanged.. My never-ending love conflict, I'm still lazy as hell (with a few oh-I-need-to-change mood coming and going..hahaha) and I still keep putting things off even though they're important..As I said before and I'm going to say this millionth times in the future, I will try my hardest to change. I've realized now, because of my bad habits, they're costing me my dreams. Well, mistakes are NEVER mistakes..They were called experiences. And oh! I still loves reading like hell..Hehehe..I love my current diary now, as I can see the transition from negative me to more positive me. Who knows, one day I will become the woman I dream of.. :)

My 2011-self..muahahaha..
My current diary..Point to be noted..This is not typical bangun-gosok gigi-mandi type of entry..hahaha..
..hahahaha..no top secret in my first entry.. :)