Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack: My New-Found Love!

Well, when you're working in a small neighborhood mall, with only 45 minutes to spare for your break, with scorching heat outside, of course you will reluctantly settled with food courts until you're bored and started looking for new place to eat. I was intrigued by this quaint little shop, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack. The foods look yummylicious but I was skeptic whether it's halal or not. Until my supervisor let me try some of her mee sua..By less than 24 hours, I'm already in love with this shop..Hihihi.. 
I went there numerous times for their super delicious sweet potato, the XXL fried chicken and my current favorite menu...The rice box set..

Sweet potato *love love love*
For RM4.50, it's quite a lot and I can't stop munching on them..And I can't stop complaining on my waistline..Hahaha.. 

Then, I was intrigued by this one particular menu, seafood tempura (RM6.50) and disappointingly found out that it was actually 'keropok lekor' with fancy name..Might as well buy them at night market..Cheaper and delicious.. :)

Seafood tempura
Sebenarnya keropok lekor..cit!
Their signature dish, oyster mee sua..It was okay to me..Not exactly my kind of taste..I declined the oyster though..It looks scary *after my bad experiences with raw oyster..hehe*

My favorite dish here! The rice box set with drink of my choice..Rice flavored with soy sauce *i think so* with fried chicken and yummylicious tofu..My tummy i singing happily after I ate them..And keep thinking about them again and again..Even up to this minute..The minus point is quite expensive to a student/part-time worker like me.RM10.50 per set..But it is worth it!!

Will I go again?? Of course! Especially when I have extra cash..OMG!