Friday, August 19, 2011

MAX 24.7; CINTA 247 Official Video: Mode Tersedak

Sebagai peminat setia a.k.a kipas-susah-mati kpop, memang agak terkedu lah tengok the so called '1st Malaysian Kpop'..Memang ikut la perkembangan dorang ni..Cuma tak hapdet kat blog sebab I have nothing positive to talk about them..Seriously..I personally think that they have no own images, they're too early to debut (need more training)..But at the same time I don't want to talk trash about them..But I seriously think I need to share the vid with my fellow reader..You'd be the judge..If you need more info on them, Google them..I won't provide the info because tak baik kutuk2 orang bulan posa ni..Selamat berpuasa!!
Tak tergamak nak tengok sampai habis T_T
Maybe we should give them a chance
Because I DO like KRU
And I don't have any qualms against Stacy or Adam because I personally think they have their own images..
They don't gebang (promote) they're the 1st Malaysian Kpop artist.

Credit : Cik Epal (Cik Epal lagi laju up to date)