Thursday, March 17, 2011

Little White Cafe

I've been meaning to do a review about this designer cafe like a week ago and keep putting it off (and babbled bout chocolates for my lil' bros instead..ahahaha)..
Well, I spotted this cute English-concept cafe at Bangi when we went to Wong Solo for our lunch..Then I dragged along another keen suka-try-try-makan-kat-tempat-baru-kalau-tak-best-tak-payah-datang-dah fellow a.k.a my former roommate..
Upon entering, we were awed with the cafe decoration..Very English..feels like we're now at a small town in England and decided to have tea together-gether (okay gedik jamban..haha)..We chosed a promotional tea for two set (RM53++) with big teapot of tea (we have to choose between Earl Grey and English Breakfast and we chosed Earl Grey) and assorted sweet treats like scones,cream-filled meringues, choco-dipped strawberries etc..

The front view of the cafe

Mouth-watering aight??

Part of the deco

The menu

Our Their beautiful teapot

The kasik-gigi-rosak treats.. ;p

They do served main can take a peek at their prices.. =__=" 
The Sweet Treats:
They don't called this a designer cafe for nothing..The environment really gave you this warm,calming effect with a bit of mode perasaan-belajar-oversea..Their Earl Grey tea is superbly delicious..The taste is far different from your typical Boh/Lipton tea..This is the first time budak kampung cam saya minum teh mahal gila babeng..Tapi memang worth it..I really dig their meringues..Melts in your mouth..Their strawberries are gargantuan in size..Yes,they're a bit pricey but from your first glimpse,you can already know that they used high-quality ingredients and does not skimp with ingredients..Hey,you get what you pay..One of their concepts that I really approve of is~they do put their menu outside the cafe so that the customers can browse the prices and decide whether they can afford it or not before they go inside and save them from literally humiliate themselves (you know, the typical "owh-mahal-gila-babeng-jom-kuar-tinggal-waiter-yang-sedia-nak-ambil-order-terkebil-kebil")..

The Sour Treats:
Like I wrote in the sweet treats, it's kinda pricey..Not for students like us..And their scones are quite dry (I like mine a bit moist)..Will we be coming back again??Urm unless,we're a pair of high-powered well-paid scientists (amin~),we MAY not.. :)

The Camwhoring Section
Please bear with our bajet poses~

The horror..The bill.. T____T
Ok dah miskin..
Jom balik~