Saturday, July 14, 2012

Playlist Shuffle Survey


Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player or whatever you use and shuffle. ( KPOP SONGS ONLY)
For each question, press the ‘next’ button to get your answer.
You must use the song name you get no matter how silly it sounds.
And make sure you have enough songs

Let’s start!

Is this okay? ELECTRIC SHOCKS- *tak ok! Boleh mati ok..kecuali renjatan dari Minhyun..haha*
What would best to describe your personality? AH! *eh??*
What do you like in a guy or girl? NUMBER 1 *anak sulung??*
How do you feel today? SEVERELY *severely mengantok hari ni*
What is your life’s purpose? MAGIC *mengamalkan ilmu hitam??*
What is your motto? RUN DEVIL RUN *I'm a biatch y'all*
What do your friend thinks of you? ALONE * TT__TT*
What do you think of very often? MONALISA *suddenly meminati hasil karya Leonardo Da Vinci?*
What is 2 plus 2? COPY AND PASTE *betul ape*
What do you think of your bestfriend? TOO LATE *too late for what?*
What do you think of a person you like? I NEED A GIRL *tidaaaaaaaakkk!!*
What is your life story? MAZELTOV *macam gempak je*
What do you want to be when you grew up? LIKE A FOOL  *ehhhhh?? like a fool? sia2 ibu melahirkan saya ke dunia*
What do you think when you see person you like? BAD GIRL GOOD GIRL *kenapa asyik cakap aku suka pompuan niii?*
What will you dance at your wedding? NARINA *tarian beruk??nanges mak aku*
What will they sing at your funeral? TRAP *yee..sebab saya terperangkap dalam keranda*
What is your hobby or interests? MIRROR MIRROR *gila vain!*
What is your biggest secret? SHAMPOO *really?? shampoo?? I hide my shampoo??*
What do you think of your friends? BOOM BOOM *saiko*
What the worst thing that could happen? TOUCH *wey, boleh transfer bakteria dengan virus kot..tiba2 jadik clean freak!*
How will you die? AMOLED *perlu melupakan hp yang menggunakan teknologi amoled supaya tak mati awal*
What is one thing you regret? POP POP POP *kelu* 
What make you laugh? NO NEED TO KNOW *hekeleh berlagak gila*
What makes you cry? TONIGHT *apa yang akan terjadi malam ini??!!*
Will you get married? THE CHASER *kena main kejar-kejar dulu baru boleh kawin??*
What scare you the most? THE BOYS *unsur lesbian lagi >__<*
Does anyone like you? I AM THE BEST *hahahaha..3rd time, berlagak nak mam!*
If you could go back in time, what would you change? MAMA *anak derhaka?*
What hurts the most?  RUSSIAN ROULETTE *boleh mati laaa*
To finish, what do you think of this survey? SHUT UP *hahaha*

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Blogs and Sites That I have Always Visit~

What a boring morning..
I've decided to do a quick post.
The blogs and sites I that I clicked every single day.
Or everytime they updated their sites and blogs *cheeky monkey*
But the point is, I never miss their updates..
The sites and blogs are in order..

As you can see, I even left my footprints there..Hahaha..The owner and I shared one passion which is K-pop. Both of us have special adoration towards two PLEDIS Entertainment artists which are After School and Nu'est. So since she always updated her sites with latest comebact stage videos, opinion pieces, random After School and Nu'est videos, I almost visit there several times a day..She also provided links to downloads latest mp3, variety shows, anime etc.

I think he is an illustrator. Instead of writing an 'essay' to commemorate his events and life, he illustrated it. He envisioned himself as very cute cat. His entries are all funny and super cute!! I only knew about his site this year. Since that, I never miss his latest updates! :)

She a Malaysian beauty blogger who resides in Australia. I love the simplicity of her site and full with informations. Not only she reviews beauty products, she also give advices on how to blog, how to tackle negative comments etc. It is a really informative site for me.

My daily k-pop news. This is a user-friendly site for me and it loads faster than others k-pop news sites.

Latest updates about my favourite group. :)

A fashionista. I really likes how she 'mix n match' her wardrobe and then itemize everything. Even the accessories. Plus she is really gorgeous. 

She is very funny. I always laugh reading her posts. She posted everything in Malay. :)

Since she always travel, especially to Japan, I can get a dose of the cultures *since I can't go there...yet T__T* From food to clothing to latest trends, she will post them. In a very beautiful way. Makes me wants to travel even more!!!

How about you guys?? :)