Thursday, May 20, 2010

Gaga over Korean thingie

Since I get to know Super Junior, I've gone gaga over k-pop and Korean stuffs..Browsing their culture and food!(yum yum) with every nanosecond free times I had (I have many actually..hihi..just to emphasize how crazy I am)..and pleading my fellow Super Junior's crazy fans a.k.a friends to go to Gardens this weekend just to savour korean foods. Bibimbap, jajangmyeon and bulgogi come to our minds (slurps!)..And I have gone twice as crazy as me-looking-for-korean-info while looking for SuJu's info and spends every nanoseconds time I have watching their variety shows and MV 100th times without jemu..hahaha..I'm crazeeee~

Super Junior that I love too much



OMO! I'm feeling hungry already..Can't hardly wait for this weekend..

I'm waiting patiently for their 4th album Bonamana to arrive here in Malaysia..Hurry up!