Friday, July 27, 2012

All About Nu'est: JR Killer Smiles

The title is "Your smiles is just porn"
I went like wtf??!!
But she do make a point here..'
That smile of JR simpy captivating, mouth-watering and melting..
Making you go like "aiyah! why my boyfriend no smile like that?? pffft"..
And people are out-of-their-mind and kesian-no-brain if they don't fall for that angelic smile of that gorgeous hunk.

Ogles away L.O./\.E...
*try my best to give a big toothy smile also*
*oooopsssie!! Forgot that I don't have enough teeth..Someone 'pengsan' already..Haha*


  1. Mukyaa....done cuci mata. hehe

  2. so vee..mats sudah bersih??hahahaha...

  3. Bonjour,

    Apres avoir pu voir les gifs de JR, je me suis permise de prendre le tout 1er, et de le mettre sur mon blog:
    Si vous souhaitez que je le retire, merci de me prévenir :)

    P.S: JR is so Sexy *q*