Saturday, May 28, 2011

After School: Always In My Heart~

Owh today, I'm in my girl crush mode..Can't stop thinking about After School..Can't stop browsing for their latest videos etc *hanyan*
I've been waiting patiently for their comeback and have to admit..Their comeback is worth of waiting for..Their MVs, performances, dance choreographies are as usual~superb and complete with jaw-dropping effect...
This particular comeback, we can see the rise of the 3rd generation member, Nana..She's shining like a goddess in their MVs and their performances...She's getting more lines to sing and now one of the main dancers. Camera simply loves her as they keep focusing on her on stage..(and rap!! I loooove her rap! Cute and edgy at the same time!)..I can't peel my eyes off her and UEE (no no no, I'm not a homosexual) every time I watched their live performances..

Video credit to : sokayi2001

Video credit to: UltimateAfterSchool

Here I took the liberty of copy and paste (hahaha..lazy mode) some of the comments from the Youtube that projected exactly what I have in my minds about After School..(I'm sorry I couldn't give my credits to those people..I've lost their tracks..huhu)

"The music in this song is soft. But it's so well projected by the girls with the movements, that the routine comes off right on target.  The production seems to be presenting the girls and saying; here we are, this is "AfterSchool". It's done in a very elegant manner. Some of the final dance movements are extremely beautiful. It flows with the music perfectly. Artistically, this is very good work and I know that most young kids are not aware of this. But that's ok. Shampoo = ten"

"After School is so underrated! D: They learned to play the drums, step, and now tap dance! These girls are talented and hardworking, props to them (: <3"

"If only after school was at Sm company,They can sure beat Snsd.

they have real talents."
Well, personally, I DO think that my favorite girls are underrated. They seriously are talented. I've never been this crazy in love with girl groups before in my life. 
Please let them shine more..*shining eyes attack*

The rising member...Nana

Amazing woman and leader..Kahi

Well, I don't really fancy her singing skill but she DOES rock on stage...kudos..UEE

Once an 'uzzlang', always an 'uzzlang'..she's always a beauty..Jooyeon

Golden voice...Raina

My favourite member!!! Jung Ah..kung kung kung!

Newest member...E-Young..

My favourite rapper...Bekah..She's looking good with dark hair..

Well, I think she's underrated by the cameramen..Give her more solo shots! Lizzy..

Love love love them a lot!
Pictures credit: After School Official Page
Okay I'm off to stalk After School on the web..
Goodnite..Fellow Playgirlz~