Sunday, June 16, 2013

Review: AFTER SCHOOL - First Love

Aha! I should not calling this a review...
I should call this obsessively stating how awesome After School is!!

The moment this video was released, I quietly opened the Youtube, and let the video buffered and waited for my lunchtime (sobsss!!) to actually view the   video.

First impression the minute the video started?? I AM LOVING EVERY SINGLE SECOND OF IT!!! Both video and song!!! Way much better than Flashback comeback (where I loving the MV so much but not the song. I have to play the song several times to actually liking it).

I am sooo majorly impress with my girls. They never failed to impress me. From drums, to tap dance and now...pole dance..while singing ok! It is hard. Look at their bruised from 6 month of training. I feels like crying!!

You can view the full stories here and here.

Favourite Parts of The Video

First is the the sexy hip-swaying choreographies. I'm seriously could not get my eyes off the girls, let alone the Playboyz out there. They must have 'suffer' a lot! Hihi.

Second part is towards the ending where my main bias (JungAh unnie) and my second bias, Kaeun performed solo pole dances (ok, I really don't know how to describe this, sorry!). 

Jung Ah

My main bias is beautiful and angelic looking as usual... Ok well, not that angelic when she appeared semi-nude/topless. I have no qualms about it. In fact, I'm enjoying it (in a non-sexual way, I must stress it) and kinda shock my JungAngel is brave enough to do that.

Looking angelic...
Gawk!!! There she goes! O_O ..I just don't understand how she can look angelic anddddd sexy at the same time. That's it, she must be an X-Men.. With power of seduction..

My second bias. I'm loving how her part is growing. She getting more lines and she in the main star (obviously) of the pole dancing in this clip. Can you see how many scenes she gets for pole dancing? Let alone she's having the pole to herself. Without sharing?? I love her sweet sugary voice. 


I am super impress with her! No wonder she is my fellow Playgirlz main bias. She truly looks like a living doll here!! And the way she plays with the pole. Enough said. Full stop. She is just amazing.

The rest

I'm sorry. I just can't comment on every members. If I did, it will ended up like I'm sitting for SPM essay exam here (and I don't mind if the question asked me to explain the history of After School) They're just as awesome as they always be. Too beautiful that it can be considered a sin. Never fail to make other girls brimming with jealously. Loving and hating them at the same time.

And I am seriously missing Lizzy here. Please take care of yourself and please get well soon so that I can see all 8 of my girls perform together.

Oh! I'm sooo loving Jooyeon's outfit in this clip. And no, a dwarf like myself can never pull this look.

As a conclusion, I AM THOROUGHLY AMAZE with my girls. They managed to strip off 'dirty' from pole dancing and turn it into something artistic. (Yes my dear, I use to think pole dancing is dirty). The anticipation of waiting for the comeback worth every minute of it. It was like starving for months and suddenly somebody come put a plate of hot rice with soy sauce, fried fish and scrambled egg mixed together (sorry for sounding like I'm describing cat food, but this is my comfort food).

As compare to SISTAR - Give It To Me??

Here, I'm being honest and fair. Not because I'm a Playgirlz. First, I respect Sistar (and I'm in love with Bora) and their recent comebacks (Alone, Loving You and Gone, Not Around Any Longer) did have place in my heart (and my player). I'm loving those songs the moment I hear them. 2nd point, I'm kinda disappointed with After School Flashback comeback. 3rd point is, they're swapping producers for recent comeback. And honestly, Sistar teaser MV looks more appealing that After School's. 

So when Sistar released their official MV, which is 2 days earlier, I've restraint myself from listening to it as I want to compare them with After School comeback song. I wanted to know, which songs I will have the indescribable feeling for (it could be for both) and the need to obsessively repeating the song over and over and over again.

And my feeling and obsessiveness go to After School's First Love. Even though tempo sounds a bit like Sistar's Gone, Not Around Any Longer, but I'm dare saying First Love is much more better. I'm not saying Sistar's Give It To Me is a flop. The song and choreography is nice, really (and Bora looking awesome as ever), but the feeling is just not there. 

I'm seriously hoping After School gets the recognition they deserved.
How to help them? You can follow the steps here and here.
All hail After School.