Sunday, June 24, 2012

Super Junior 6th Jib: LeeTeuk, Ryeowook, Yesung and Shindong Teasers

This comeback starts to overwhelms me!!
With these mind-boggling-slash-amazing teasers..
I can't contained my excitement anymore..
Let's get back to business..
The teasers keep coming in pair
First the Eunhae runaway bride-70s-feminine teasers
Now let us see leader Leeteuk and Ryeowook teasers

Our leader

Seriously, our loveable boys look like they're performing live modern arts. It's yes Ryeowook (no problem recognizing him) but I have troubles believing this is LeeTeuk...donning a leaf-motif headgear and over-usage of kohl and beads (I believe it is so), I keep blinking and staring to make sure my eyes were not playing tricks on me.. It is indeed our leader..Spasm!!!

Yesung and Shindong


Again! I had troubles recognizing Yesung. He looks so young and innocent..Ok not so innocent since he 'mischievously' wears twigs on his head and unbutton his shirts..Tsk tsk tsk! Making us the fans having pervy thoughts.. ;p

And Shindong looks like he's just been taken out from the fridge and put in the middle of photoshoot..Muahahaha..

No wonder these teasers were released simultaneously..
It's because they're bringing similar concept..
Nature..(I guess)
Ok ok..the original concept is sexy, free and single..
But I don't feel any of it for these four men teasers..
I feels like they're performing a live nature modern art..
It is just my opinion.. :)

Am I Still A Pabo (fool)??

I stumbled upon these two entries I wrote 2 years ago..
And I'm kinda amazed how I've changed over this short time..
Trust me, two years gap is basically nothing..

So how my 2012 self looks like??
Still the same??Or change already??

1. No more pimples or acnes scattered over my face. They appeared occasionally..I've been very strict with my skincare routine (ok ok, kekadang malas.. ;p)..And yes, that still cost a lot of money.. :(

2. My driving skills are waaaaay better than 2010 me..I can reverse park with one eye closed (cannot close both eyes laa...surely will langgar dinding like that..haha). I balance clutch and gas pedal during a traffic stop at hill with my both eyes closed..*gila berlagak*

3. I'm not a driving bimbo anymore. I remember to close my door before I drive. In fact, with these news on kidnapping, the first thing I do when I enter my car is to make sure I lock my doors (all 4 of them) for I ignite the engine..Then, I do this...

What??I'm a woman hokayyy~

4. Naaah..I'm so over Caramel Macchiato..Now I'm crazy about Soy Green Tea Latte..yum yum!

5. SS501 who??? hahaha..Still crazy (seriously) over After School.. And move on already. Now I'm digging Infinite and U-Kiss (like VEE said, the name is ridiculous but the songs are not)

6. Oh here still the same..Still being chase by my supervisor for my thesis and progress reports. ;p But this time, I have a hunk as my acting-supervisor..Wanna see?? Nah...Maybe next time..teehee..

7. Oh man!! I'm sooo over Boys Over was sooo I've feverishly re-watch Rooftop Prince..One of the best K-Drama I have watched..

8. Now my own brother doubts my make-up skills as he is getting wiser..Hahahaha..