Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Paddington House of Pancakes and Me~

When I first spotted Paddington House of Pancakes was when I was out with my mom (leaving my little brothers behind with my dad *evil laugh*) looking for accessories to match her new blouse. Both avid pancake lovers, we tried and love them instantly. Crispy on the outside, smooth with melt-in-the-mouth-feeling on the inside.  Then when I’m back to UPM, she dragged my dad and my little brothers to this place. They also (ahem! except for my second brother) loving this place. Dad keeps chanting Paddington, Paddington.  And he even goes as far as by saying he dreamt of Paddington. Yeah right Dad! You’re just making thousand excuses to go there…Hahaha…Well with me going back there with The Architect, makes me missing my wacky family even more! T_T

My latte..*love love*
Here is where I got my very own decorative latte (err..actually I dunno the proper term for this and I'm too lazy to ask Uncle Google so I simply made it up..*putting an innocent face*)…I always see and watched them but never really had one. So here is my first official decorative latte. And the The Architect had to ruin my glorious moment by saying it’s hideous. Cis! Hahahaha…Whatever… I still wanna gloated over my first latte… J

Chips + bacon bits with 3 types of cheese-based dips..yummy!
American stacks with maple usual order..but not that day..

I seriously forgot it's name..*lengai*

I wanna try new stuff that day, so I've decided to take this..This mini-pancakes with ice-creams, little cute marsmallows, strawberries and bananas served with chocolate fondue. Kinda fun eating them but word of warning though, if you have small and 'mengada' stomach like me, please SHARE them..Hahaha..
Then we watched RIO.......

What do I think about this movie?? Well, it's entertaining..I had a few big laughs and..........that was it...the plot is kinda forgettable..Yeah, the moment you step out from the cinema, you'll forget about it. This movie doesn't really gives big out-of-cinema impact..But it was really worth watching it..It's not like you keep looking at your watch waiting for this movie to finish.. :)

Oh how I wish I can buy new books...... :(
Ok that's it..
That's the story of Anne-Jalil
Tu haaa tekan pangkah..
Sapa soh baca...