Monday, June 9, 2014

When People Replied "K" to Your Text

I was browsing my Facebook page when I stumbled upon my friend's post on the best response on letter K

It seriously annoys me whenever I get K'ed.
For me, this shows that no efforts are made and you could care less and giving this "yeah, whatever attitude".
Especially if this reply came from my partner.
I can grit my others at others, but when it comes to my partner, I'll become his worst nightmare...The Nagger..until his ears bleed out..
I mean, how hard it is to add the letter O to the letter K??
It is going to cost you millions just to add an O??
I'm definitely okay with OK.
Duh, I don't expect people to give me a 350 words essay to a simple "Meet you there at 7.00 pm" text.
I'm happy to receive no message at all rather than K

And see how lengthy my entry is?? Just for the getting K'ed topic?
I'm sure there are a lot of people out there, just like me.

Dadamato Selca of The Day

Finally getting my new-released Benefit BeneBalm. Yeay! *throws confetti*

U-Kiss : Mono Scandal

Let just say I'm flabbergasted and shocked upon watching U-Kiss latest comeback, Mono Scandal..
* Oy wanna speak'ing London ere because oy am so in lave with James McAvoy's accent*
*fefeeling Brit sket* -___-"
Okay fine, me and my nonsensical rambling again...

Honestly, I'm disgusted with the threesome scene although I have to admit Hoon's abs is getting yummier.
I mean, what is happening to the K-Pop that I treasure soo much??
It feels like I'm watching a very clean porn..
Eyyy, can I say that with any misunderstanding??

First, the K-girls are wearing lesser clothing with erotic dance moves, now the guys too?
There is a clear solid difference between sexy and cheap.
Come on NH Media..

I've been following U-kiss very closely.
I honestly think that these guys are under appreciated.
All of their songs are good, the members are talented but somehow they're not getting the recognition they deserved.
Something is wrong somewhere..

I think they're trying to boost the rating by displaying a bit of raunchy scenes.
*which usually a success with girl's group, correct me if I'm wrong*
Well, I don't think it is a success because last time I checked, the views on Youtube is only about 700k++..
This track has been released like more than a week.
Even Taeyang's Eyes Nose Lips has reached 4mil views.
Kevin even ended up apologizing to the fans..

Back to the topic of guys watching, Eli is extremely suave in this clip. I believe his best look ever. I even drools looking at him looking dashing in white shirt and coat *starry eyes*

Errr no, I'm no jealous watching the girl hogging them.
*unless he is Jongup, I might be even more nastier here because I'm brimming with jealousy*
I just feels disgusted and pity them..Getting exploited like that. And I though only girls can be exploited until I watched this clip.
Sorry Kiss Me, I love all U-Kiss songs but I'm not particularly fond of this comeback.
*Don't hate me because I'm beauti...errr..being honest*

Dadamato Selca of The Day

I wanna re-do the Jonguppie's scene but I think my phone is too big..Or perhaps I'm too small?? O_o