Sunday, July 8, 2012

Comic Paradise

I love comics..
I've always been a fan of comics..
Especially Archie comics and Penyiasat Remaja..
I do reads others like Gempak Starz collection, selected mangas etc..
But my obsession always on these two..
Coincidentally, my obsession on comics started at the same time as my obsession with reading...At 11 years old..
Archie comics at 14 years old..
The influencer is my childhood friend, Khairunnisa..
She's the one who introduced me to R.L Stines and Penyiasat Remaja..
I guess I owed her very much..
We used to borrow each other books and comics as we can't afford the buy the whole collection due to money constraint.
How I miss those moments TT___TT

So when I grow up and finally have my own income, I've decided to complete my Penyiasat Remaja collection.
And oh my! It is very hard!

1. The source is limited
2. I don't believe in online shopping
3. I've been looking very hard for 3 years.

So please imagine how happy and please I am when a WHOLE collection of Penyiasat Remaja (all of them! Penyiasat Remaja Cabaran, Kes Khas etc) is laying in front of my eyes and enticing me..They keep screaming "buy me! buy me!"..
Oh ok, books do not really said that. @__@

I walked into Comic Paradise at Jusco Mahkota Cheras just for fun, to kill times..
But I ended up hauling them up!! ;p
They also carry Gempak Starz collection and other Comic House collection.. Yipppiee!
Since I'm aware that I'm going to frequently visit the store, I've signed up for membership @ RM15 for 1 year.
The membership offers discount..Hehehehe..
Thank you Comic Paradise!!

My membership card. There are 3 types of card to be chosen!